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An Interview at the Hong Kong Jewellery & gem Fair by Nick Hodgson of regarding the controversy over lab grown diamonds. 96% of all natural diamonds show evidence of nitrogen clusters with the use of a spectrometer. Even though these diamonds can be a perfect colorless gem with no inclusions, at the atomic level they are not the pure carbon geometrical atomic matrix one would want in a perfect crystal structure. With certain lab grown crystals the difference is that they are just pure carbon which technically creates the perfect crystal. It is for this reason that i am not against the use of certain lab grown diamond crystals for astrological purposes.

This video presents more information on the theory behind how laboratory grown crystals can greatly enhance your electrical body and consciousness, when worn in a way that allows for wide skin contact with deeply colored gems.

Gaetan Chevalier, Research Director at Psy-tek International, did a kirlian photographic analysis test on the integration of a frequency bangle -"it works - its powerful" Watch more and see the results filmed live in Encinitas by with Nick Hodgson, President of and


We put this video together on how a gemstone Polariscope works for the many gem dealers in Africa and South Asia who can not conveniently study at a Gemological Institute and would like a basic introduction to how a Polariscope works. In time we hope to do a series on how different gemstones can be identified. With this video being the first introduction, just type Nick Hodgson Astrogems into the search bar and see if any more have become available.

In this interview I chat with Navratan Manihar of Manihar International Co Ltd at the Bangkok Gem & Jewelry Show about the prolific supply of heat treated  natural Ruby which is very different from the original natural crystal material  but used extensively in the conventional jewelry industry. Essentially 99.5% of all natural ruby has been super melted to enhance color and melt out inclusions. Buying unaltered gemstones is a very challenging  science that requires ongoing  study and close observance  to the  latest developments with the enhancement techniques in the industry.

Buying  gemstone crystal material on the streets in the gem mining areas of Sri Lanka. The challenge is to find unheated, clean non flawed crystals for cutting and faceting into beautiful gemstones.

and another mine visit:

Gemstone analysis preparation.

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Refractometer Chart
Refractometer Chart

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Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes are amongst the most precious gemstones. Yet so rare in good size and fine quality that as a gemstone investment, very few other gems can compare. In this age of extraordinary laboratory grown crystal imitations the Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye stands out as a gem that has not been duplicated by clever crystal growing technology.

Buying Gemstones for a Navaratna with Nick Hodgson from

This video shows some of the pitfalls of purchasing a nine gem astrological bangle. We often get asked to repair or replace certain astrological gems in bangles. We generally don't like to do it because we are very busy with our competitive prices verses quality, but thought this video would help educate some of those who are contemplating such a process.

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