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Ayurvedic Astrological gems, especially when combined in nine-gem bangles (Navaratnas) are a uniquely powerful way to mitigate and nullify the unpleasant effects of past negative karma.

How does a Navaratna or Multi Gem Bangle work?

Resonance to Invisible Frequencies

A crystal radio is so harmonically capable of receiving radio waves that it requires no battery to receive these radionic frequencies. Likewise, our multi-gem bangles require no batteries, but unlike the early battery-less version of the crystal radios, the crystals in the multi-gem bangle do influence and conduct electricity and frequency from your electrical body, much like the later versions of a crystal radio which had a battery to amplify the volume and receptivity to the frequency (radio) waves. The science of ayurvedic astrological gemstones and metals is based on their ability to tune into, transfer and supplement the best and most benign radiations that surround us. The ancient enlightened rishis pondered how to make an instrument that could protect individuals from harmful radiations. Obviously we prefer to have more energy and joy in our lives but first we need to realize this requires a harmonically strong recipe of radiations in our radio receiving and transmitting mind they advised the use of certain metals and crystals for the benefit of harmonically attuning oneself to benign planetary radiations. By bringing in a certain materials that influenced the waveform pattern of a persons thinking it is possible to let lower vibratory thoughts feel uncomfortable and leave. In ancient times it was considered an act of Vedic wisdom to create an amulet that will amplify and supplement these benign planetary radiations that in turn can greatly enhance one's karmic pattern.

gemstone therapy bracelet or bangle, also known as a Navaratna or nine gem bangle. Although this one is set in gold, we also set many in silver.

Navaratna in gold

For millions of years all life forms have evolved to optimize the different types of electro-magnetic radiation that permeate this planet. And the multi-crystal gemstone bangle receives and transfers these bio-friendly and spiritually uplifting frequencies.
Wikipedia explains...

"A crystal radio receiver, is a very simple radio receiver, popular in the early days of radio. It needs no battery or power source and runs on the power received from radio waves by a long wire antenna. It gets its name from its most important component, known as a crystal detector,...... This component is now called a diode."

Over 35 Years of Research and Development

On later occasions, when I brought my friends to Sri Yukteswar for healing, he recommended jewels or the bangle, extolling their use as an act of astrological wisdon - Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

For the last 35 years we have been making and researching high quality crystal- and pure metal-based jewelry that supplements and attracts the essential cosmic frequencies that surround us. Without electricity we are dead and it is a scientific fact that wherever there is electricity there is frequency. But when our magnetic frequency pattern is weak or imbalanced due to karmic reasons, then extensive problems develop in many ways. The correct sattvic gemstones touching the skin in a wide surface manner dramatically boost our electro-magnetic frequency-based mind and body in a way that can witness irritations in our life simply to disappear. Darkness cannot stay in a room when the light enters. And many karmic situations improve or disappear when our personal subtle electro-magnetism is enhanced.

For years scientists have been using crystals for frequency enhancement and capture in oscilloscopes, computers, watches, radios, cellphones and many other instruments yet most of modern humanity seem oblivious to the benefits to be gained by wearing crystal jewelry (instruments) directly touching the electronic body.

Paramahansa Yogananda quote on realizing true happiness and safety

The Benefits of Wearing Gems

Of pertinent concern in this modern era is the massive microwave and EMF smog that bombard us at every turn. We live in a culture that blindsides and revels in ignoring these terribly damaging radiations which reinforces an oblivious attitude to the benefits we can gain by wearing crystal jewelry touching our electronic bodies. Pure metals and specific gemstones have shown to significantly lessen these excessively damaging and weakening radiations.

Ayurvedic astrological gem stone jewelry, whether in the form of multi-gem bangles, rings, bracelets, pendants  or necklaces, when made and worn correctly, can potently benefit a person's psychological tendencies, physical health, business affairs and relationships, while helping to minimize the impact of a wide range of negative conditions and situations.

Testimonials of people who have experienced the surprising  benefits of crystal healing and balancing (particularly through nine-gem bangles), mention that the skin touching gem crystal  bangles help them improve concentration, lessen health problems, increase their focus on spiritual goals, and assist their meditations. An overwhelming repetition of testimonial feedback is that things that used to bother the person in the past do not seem to have the same irritation level any more. This is very significant as most people erroneously look at karma as what happens to them rather than how our mind and body react to the circumstances in our lives.

Navaratna in gold, Chakra Design
nine gem bangle in gold with chakra design

No Effort Required by the Wearer

The gem bangle’s singular usefulness rests in their ease and efficiency of natural healing and spiritual healing. No will power or effort on the part of the wearer is needed to receive the gem's ability to help counteract a weakened receptivity to planetary energies. Our karmic electrical body which is directed via the chakras is stimulated or starved by our karmic disposition to planetary radiations. We need  to improve and enhance  our electro magnetic constitution with interactive frequencies given off by ayurvedic colored crystals that harmonically supplement the  insufficient amounts of the planetary radiation our horoscope indicates. The astrological gemstones emanate a similar harmonic frequency to the planets that can be used by the mind and body's subtle electrical requirements to optimally function.  When applied in the  correct manner , quality and size It can be one of the most effective, least invasive forms of alternative healing.

Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in his book “The Divine Romance”:

"In this age , man will make great headway in the electrical or electromagnetic field of science. As Dwapara Yuga progresses , disease will be treated and healed more and more by rays. Vibratory energy can reach the electronic factors of the atoms , the building blocks of matter, where gross chemicals cannot penetrate."

Maximum Benefit for your Budget

Astrogems is the first company in the western world to be specializing and researching the natural healing benefits of customized navaratnas. Having sold over 3000 navaratnas in the last thirty three years we have focused our research and development toward affordability and maximum benefit. We have moulded and adjusted our unique approach to making astrological instruments by carefully listening to the testimonial evidence based feedback from our clients. The link-to-link design was pioneered to enable the client to purchase and wear all the gems that a modest or handsome budget will allow in a comfortable variety of ergonomic designs.

What is a Navaratna?

The word Navaratna comes from Sanskrit and means "nine gems." All electricity in our body has frequency or wave form. And it is our waveform pattern that can resonate to planetary radiations. Good or bad karma manifests when the planetary radiations or waveforms resonate with the individual pulling the cycle of karma to fruition. The recordings of past karma are part of our frequency or waveform pattern . The navaratna's planetary gemstones have a unique supplementary influence that can strengthen our frequency pattern to lessen or nullify resonance to disadvantageous or negative planetary radiations. Because of the alignment of the electrons in the gemstones crystal lattice, along with a deep spectral color an emanating radiating electro-magnetic influence can occur if and only when the gem is well seated into the skin. This subtle radiating influence is many times more effective when the gems are well seated close to the chakras. The electrical chakras are the repositories of karmic recordings. Upper arm navaratna bangles appear to have the most powerful bad karma destroying influence on account of having very little resistance from the body between the gems and the chakras. After 40 years of research we tailor our approach to navaratnas from the testimonial feedback of introspective clients. Most navaratnas made today are purely symbolic and do not mitigate negative karma. This is because the gems are too small , don's have the gems seated into the skin and the placement is too far from the chakras.

Each of the nine gems has a similar harmonic that with a particular planet. Each planet radiations exerts a certain influences in our lives. Although the history of the Navaratna goes back many thousands of years, we have based our research on the science behind why and how gems and certain metals have a positive effect on the human body.

How do I get started?

The first thing we recommend is to get our free personalized gem analysis and jyotish horoscope. After you submit the form, your analysis will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Take some time and read over it carefully. It will give you a good idea of which gems will be most beneficial to you and their properties. If you would like a quote, please forward your analysis to: [email protected]

To continue your research we also recommend you explore our website. Some great places to start are: Testimonials, Testimonial Videos, What the Yoga Masters Have to Say, The influence gems can have on our lives page, and our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have any further questions, you are most welcome to contact us, we are happy to assist you.

We also offer loose gem stones for those who would prefer to have their gems set locally. With certificates in gemology, we guarantee all our stones. All customized purchases have a standard option return policy if the customer is not completely satisfied.

photo of bangle

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woman doing yoga wearing multi gem bangle

woman sitting with legs crossed wearing navaratna nine gem bangle

Collage of various different styles of navaratnas, multi gemstone bangles made by Astrogems in Encinitas, California

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