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Dear Nick,

Thanks for the opportunity to share my gratitude and testimonial for the gem bangle I've now had for over two years. I can note three effects that are due in no small part to the addition of the bangle in my life.

First, my being subject to heavy moods every couple of months has reduced to fewer incidents and far less severity.

Second, my seemingly surprising success in adding a direct mail marketing business to my busy life as a middle school teacher, tripling my income these last two years. This income now remains steady with the reorders of existing customers with less than a 10 per cent overhead.

Third, my overall health has improved and I've had only one day in the last two years where I could say I felt sick and that was probably due to something I ate. This with the understanding that as we begin to get older the cells gradually lose their power to resist disease as the immune system loses some of it's strength.

So I'd especially recommend to all to put this powerful support system to work in their lives.

I should also comment that I have felt many subtle improvements in my life from mental clarity to improved relationships and deeper understanding of others.

It's clear that this ancient science comes from a higher age and anyone who has the good fortune and insight to make use of it today will profit on all levels of their life. It has my highest recommendation.

Best wishes,

- John Johnston, San Marcos, California



Today I received my Navaratna courtesy of Astrogems, thank you Rich for your time, patience, expertise and beautiful jewelry designs. I always intended to wear my Navaratna on the left arm, which is where I placed it when I first got it. It sat snugly above my biceps and felt very comfortable but after a half hour I decided to try it on the right arm, just to see if it felt any different. It didn't but I thought it actually looked better there, which puzzled me because right or left it's the same piece of jewelry. I then put it back on the left arm and straight away it felt not quite right. So I put it back on the right arm and it felt just fine. Over the course of the day I tried to put it back on the left side a few times and the same thing happened every time. The Navaratna knew that it would be more beneficial to me on the right side of my body, which incidentally is my weakest. I used to do trapeze and have sustained repeated injuries on my right arm for many years. By that evening, after 10 hours of wearing the bangle my right side felt a lot stronger; and believe me this is not auto suggestion, I know my body, I've worked with it long enough. However, I believe there is another more subtle reason my Navaratna wants to sit on my right arm and that is because my Pingala Nadi (which comes up to the right nostril, if I am not mistaken) is in dire need of a good boost of energy. It used to be the most active nadi in my body in my youth but in the last few years Ida as become more active, so it feels like the bangle is balancing the two; which is what you want really, a right balance of action and passivity, masculine and feminine, sun and moon, reason and feeling. ? ?I believe the much needed stimulation of Pingala explains the buzz I feel since wearing my bangle, the added energy, accentuated mental clarity, feeling of wellbeing, joy for no apparent reason; increased physical strength and a feeling of being more balanced. I should also mention that I initially had some concerns about wearing a bangle on my upper arm, I thought I might not like the feel of it there. But it is surprisingly comfortable, I don't even know it's there, unless I look at it. It's only been a few hours but I just love my Navaratna and wouldn't take it off for anything in the world. Thank you Astrogems for this exquisite and very effective piece of jewelry. A very happy customer,

S.B., Montpellier, France


With the bangle I find a stronger spiritual pull within myself. I have more confidence in making any decision. I am grateful that I decided to get the bangle! Thanks for your wonderful service.

- Becky Morgan, Leucadia, California



Dear Nick and Charlie,

I've always known these bangles to be sacred medicine, magic even. But never until now, wearing two that are actually quite good individually, have I experienced their full potential to shift my consciousness to a higher state or energy field or harmonic or whatever it is that could describe a radically enhanced life experience. The very feeling of wearing them is delicious. So thanks a lot. Thanks is an awfully small word to express such and awfully big difference.

Ananton, Hawaii



To Nick Hodgson, alias the "Traveler,"

I started to use my gem bangle in 1993. I consulted a Vedic astrologer before deciding to have the bangle made. Among other things the most critical aspect in my chart was a weak moon that produced what I call a "foggy mind", difficulty in thinking, concentrating, and making decisions; always doubting. Even though I did not have all the gems the first month, the results were amazing. I felt an extra supply of energy, I slept less hours, and the colors in nature looked brighter. This state lasted for a full month. After that, I got used to it and did not notice it anymore. But other changes developed slowly. At work I became assertive, job performance improved and I became more noticed with promotions by senior management. Within two years of using the bangle all the time there was a big shift in my consciousness and I started to become much more aware of the psychological realm (the realm of the mind). In 1996 I broke my vow that I would not start a new career in this lifetime (I already had a BS, MS, and PhD.) to start studying an MA in Counseling Psychology with a spiritual focus. Upon retrospect I can see the nine-gem bangle neutralizing negative astrological aspects in my chart and strongly harmonizing and increasing the beneficial influence of the stars. I do not think that we can say, "this is the standard expected result" because each one of us has a different astrological pattern with infinite combinations. And friends that have also got one appear to have had difference forms of benefit. What I am convinced of is that the use of astrological gems of the right size and quality will definitely aid the soul in it's earth experience" to more fully express and attract it's potential.

- Jorge Briozzo, Mount Washington. California.



I have had an astrological nine-gem bangle now for one and a half years. In the first weeks of wearing the bangle a major shift developed. My energies and concentration seemed to be magnified at a noticeable rate. I strongly felt that the gems were affecting me on subtle levels not known to my conscious self. In my mental hustle-bustle of a new day I have sometimes forgotten to put the Navaratna back on after showering. The days that I didn't wear the bangle seemed off balance, like having all thumbs or two left feet. Now I don’t take it off for anything. Because the celestial radiations are continuous in varying degrees, affecting our moods, health, wealth, whether I am conscious about it’s help or not, my bangle is working for me to minimize these effects 24 hours a day. Thanks to you pioneers (Nick, Charlie, and Bruce) in taming the natural beasts of radiation by the art of gem wizardry.

Your satisfied customer,

Devin P.C. O’Niell, Encinitas, CA




I have worn a nine-gem bangle for four weeks and during that time many unusual and positive things have happened to me. My vitality had been at a low ebb for a long time. A few hours after putting on the bracelet there was an increase in energy and I felt more grounded. A lifelong health problem began to ease up and I was directed to procedures that had a positive effect on my physical body. Aches and pains vanished as if by magic.

It seemed to increase my enthusiasm for life. The doors of perception seemed to open wider and I was able to see things in a more insightful way. (The unreal became more real and vice versa.) Self-confidence has increased and there is more will power to follow through on goals. Lost articles were found and unavailable things have become available. Meditation has taken a quantum leap. No aches and pains to contend with, the mind is quieter, love and joy are in greater abundance, the absolute beckons. My wish is that these bracelets be worn by all sincere seekers.

S. Getz, Escondido



I can't say enough good things about wearing the astrological bangle. I feel as though my total will power has been raised and I've developed a strong enthusiasm towards purification.

- Don Higler, Gainsville. Florida



Dear Nick and Charlie,

I am glad Nick took the phone. I got a bit panicked. I didn't want to be without the bangle. Life is so precarious. My husband just fell when he walked on the land and broke his wrist. I really like to feel the protection. And I only feel so strongly about it because the masters recommended it. So, my trust in them gives me such a strong feeling.

The bangle on my arm is now "incorporated". I sometimes think it's gone or I don't know on which arm it is. It sits perfectly. You got the size 100% right. It is also super great looking. I just fear that now I am "hooked" on it. I don't wish it to be off my arm for a minute. I love it. I feel protected.

The first time after I got it, I went swimming in the ocean. I had such a heavenly feeling. I felt like in heaven. It was a truly spiritual experience. I stayed for hours.

I am very happy to have bought it. I really wish I did it earlier. I feel the edge of myself a bit more softened. I get along better with my husband. I had this extreme anger in me due to a terrible childhood. I thought I would never get over it in this lifetime. But now I feel more relaxed about this, too. It definitely shifts one's energies. Thanks again for everything, Nick and Rich.

G.J. on the Island of Hawai'i



The benefits of wearing my navaratna for the past two years have been both subtle and significant. I credit the power of the gems, in no small way, with mitigating at least two potentially disastrous undertakings, helping me maintain unusually good health (no illness or limiting injuries at all) and creating not only a sense of optimism, but also peace amidst uncertainty.

Navaratna owner since 1995 - Andrew Freedman, Encinitas, California



I have felt or sensed the navaratna's help in my life in many ways, including:

· more rapid healing from illness
· keeping negative situations or persons at "arms length"
· giving me a subtle boost and clarity in my meditations
· averting potential traffic accidents!The navaratna could never take the place of the Guru, but I believe it assists the Guru in his work. Simply the awareness of the navaratna on my arm helps me to be more aware of the constant guidance; the blessings of the Guru.The most tangible effects I've felt, are an inner strength and a deeper calmness within, and I felt both of these qualities immediately upon wearing the navaratna.

Thanks for everything, Nick. - Anthony Medley, Pacific Palisades.CA



Dear Nick:

The past week I received my Ayurvedic Arm Bangle. I had imagined it would be rather plain, but I was astonished at how beautiful it is. Form and function have come together in your designs in a very beautiful way! The workmanship on the piece will probably last for a few lifetimes, it is made so well.Thank you for a truly beautiful, well-made design for my health and spiritual well-being. You are truly masters of your art. The jewelry possesses the energy of your intent - noble service and integrity of purpose to help and assist humankind in individual and planetary evolution.

God bless you,
- C. Soprano, Stamford, CT



Dear Nick,

I love my gem bangle! One day when I was not feeling well, a friend of mine handed me his gem bangle to try. Within 15 minutes, my energy level perked up and I began to feel a lot better. I was quite surprised because I was skeptical about the power of bangles. In disbelief, I took the bangle off, and after a while I began to feel worse. I put it on again and my energy revived. I took it on and off for 2 hours in order to test it out. By the end of the evening, I was totally convinced it worked. In fact, I could feel the energy. It was a kind of warm sensation on my arm and around my whole body. This convinced me to purchase one. This is one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. I know that it protects against bad karma. I showed the bangle to a minister at my church and he endorsed it and said to make sure to wear all nine stones. You say you can't afford one? Well, can you afford to do the karma? The bangle or bad karma, which is easier? The bangle wins!

- Cherrie Basen, Encinitas, CA



Two years ago, I never thought I'd be writing a letter like this, because the nature of this subject was completely foreign to my way of thinking. But as I've found out, actual experience has changed the way I look at things.

I had heard that the bangles worked wonders for people with cancer and other serious illnesses, but I really didn't have anything "physically" wrong with me, so I was curious about what the bangle would do for me. The first thing I noticed when I put it on was an immediate sense of well-being. I thought it may have been psychological and expected the feeling to subside, but it never did. I simply got used to feeling good. Negative thought patterns that used to run in my head were replaced with a deep sense of peace. One day I loaned the bangle to a friend who wanted to try it out. After a while, I forgot that I didn't have my bangle on. Those old negative thought patterns quickly returned. I knew I hadn't felt that way in a long time and then realized that I wasn't wearing my bangle. As soon as I put it back on, I felt like "myself" again. I truly believe that this is the best investment I've ever made because it is something that provides constant, lasting protection and permanent peace of mind. I attribute it to the fact that the gems are constantly vibrating on a higher level. When the gems touch me, those vibrations directly affect every physical and psychological aspect of my being. As a result, every thought and action come from a more elevated source. Negative thought patterns are unable to exist there. Certain situations and events that used to bother me no longer bother me, because I don't feel so attached to them. Times of the day when I used to feel frustrated or bored no longer exist because I now function on a higher level. Overall, I'm simply a happier person. The closest thing I can compare it to is the feeling I get when I'm in a holy place like a temple or a meditation garden. There is a noticeable change in my mental state. I feel more joy and peace. That's what it's like to wear the bangle. I can't think of anything I've ever purchased that will outlast me and benefit me my whole life, without any effort on my part. All I have to do is wear it.

- Edward Griffin, Toronto, Canada


I began experimenting with Nick's navaratna jewelry in June of 1997. The first time I neglected to wear it, I was involved in a four-car automobile accident. Now, I wouldn't consider driving anywhere without it.

Some would argue that the investment in an ayurvedic astrological bangle is self-indulgent. My response is that the average American spends far more over a lifetime on insurance premiums which do nothing in the way of averting disaster.

- James Gates, Tucson, Arizona


Within minutes of putting on my "loaner" bangle, I felt a strongly stabilizing and energizing effect on my entire psyche and physical body. A few weeks later, when I purchased the nine gem bangle with stones that were put on it especially (according to my horoscope) for me, this same effect was very much intensified, especially the bangle's energizing effect on the physical body (bigger coral and ruby) and increased mental clarity (a bigger emerald).

About four months later, I started to feel intuitively that my bangle was missing something. I consulted with my Vedic Astrologer, who highly suggested a very large pearl to replace the smaller pearl I already had, and a diamond crystal to replace the quartz crystal. (Pearl is for the Moon, and Diamond is for Venus, and they are both very weak in my natal chart). The effect the new, larger pearl had on me was very distinct, and I felt it right away. My happiness, contentment, and ability to relate to people got a huge boost. A deep calmness entered into me, and a new self-assuredness.

Although I happen to feel the effects of the gems immediately, I've noticed that the influence that they generate continues to work more and more deeply with time. I had my white Topaz replaced with a much larger one, and the effect did strengthen my Venus somewhat (significant ongoing bladder irritation disappeared immediately as soon as I put it on, and did not return), but it was not strong enough to affect my severe menstrual pain (initially, the stones in the original bangle I purchased reduced this menstrual pain by 50%, but after about four months it returned full-force).

I was finally able to get a large diamond crystal (4 carats plus) about ten months after purchasing the bangle. Within one month of wearing the diamond, the pain became completely bearable with the addition of a small amount of simple pain medicine. Before this, daily yoga postures, herbs, chiropractic adjustments, daily aerobic exercise, all practiced consistently over a long period of time, barely made a dent in the severe pain, which incapacitated me for days at a time, so I was taking strong painkillers around the clock. The diamond also caused a huge emotional clearing; my entire energy flow was very noticeably less obstructed.

I am extremely happy with my bangle, and I appreciate the blessing of it's karma mitigating influence every day of my life.

Evermost Sincerely Yours,

- Joan Schwartz, Encinitas, California


November 18, 1997

Dear Nick,

The following is my experience with my Astrological Bangle which I have worn since March 1997.

Upon moving to Ashland, Oregon from L.A. in spring of 1994, I have suffered from several cases of Poison Oak. I could get it in any season, and it always seemed to progress systemically, meaning it would start on my wrist or forearm (which would contact my dogs, who I am sure carried the oil on their fur) and inevitably erupt on various other parts of my body. I received my bangle in March of 1997, not specifically to combat Poison Oak, yet enjoyed six months Oak-free.

When I wore my Bangle, I noticed a small rash would appear at my biceps from time to time. I dealt with this by moving my bangle to different places on my arm, and sometimes not sleeping with it. The rash seemed to come and go from time to time, and I wondered if it was caused by an allergy to silver. Eventually we decided to have parts of the Bangle gold plated and switch to 22K gold for the spring links. During the three to four in weeks in October 1997 while the bangle was being converted to gold and I was without it, I contracted an especially violent outbreak of Poison Oak. I got the bangle back at the end of the outbreak, when the swelling was going down, but it seemed that from the moment I had the Bangle back, the disappearance of the Poison Oak was rapid. Initially, the small rash at my biceps reappeared, but by moving the bangle around I could avoid it.

I also had what I consider to be a symbolic dream the night my newly Golden Bangle arrived. I must say, I don't spend much time thinking about the Bangle, it seems to me as natural as my clothes, so I don't think this dream was a venting of sub-conscious thoughts. In my dream, I was lying naked on a mountain side, the air was cool and crisp, (not sun bathing weather), yet I was lying on my back consciously receiving the rays of the sun. Since this dream, I refer to my Bangle as Maha Surya…the Great Sun.

Update: January 2, 1998: No rashes, no poison oak.

- Suzee Grilley, Ashland, Oregon


Last year I was going through a very difficult time astrologically. I knew that Saturn and a number of other things on my chart were causing challenges. In fact, I was going through a very challenging period when I first heard about the bangle. The moment I found out somebody was actually making navaratnas and that he had worked out how to make them so inexpensively for what they are, I wanted one.

After selecting the stones from an extensive selection it was only a few hours before I was able to get the bangle on. The same day I put it on, I felt that the torrent of negative aspects that were raging around my life had been turned down to just vapors. And things have smoothed out considerably since then.

Recently, I've upgraded my bangle by getting a couple of other stones that I couldn't afford at the time. And based on past experience feel confident that things are going to get even better.

I'm very grateful to Nick who spends so many months each year traveling to the mining and gem cutting areas of the world, tracing down these unenhanced stones. And the continued research and creativity aiming for effective results for the sensitive budget. To Bruce, Charlie and Nick: Thank you very much for this wonderful service.

- Carrol Garbett, Salt lake City, Utah


Hi Nick, Charlie and Bruce,

I returned from India a few days ago, had an absolutely wonderful time. I wanted to share with you something. I took my bangle off during my visit as I didn't want to draw any attention to it. My trip was great and when I returned and put my bangle back on, I felt as if my body missed my bangle and had a feeling of peace and could feel my body reacting to my bangle in just hours. It was a positive reaction and my mind was so much clearer. Just wanted to share with you. Hope you guys are keeping well.

P. Davis, Long Beach, CA


For twenty years I have been somewhat haunted by the fact that I couldn't figure out what I should be doing with my life. I have tried many occupations, but none of them were a good fit. Since I have had my Navaratna, I feel as if I have been given a glimpse into my mission. I have returned to college and am working in a totally different field. It feels so good to finally be on the right track.

- Becky West, Mason, Ohio


Dear Nick,

Thankyou! we are both enjoying our bangles. I am really pleased with how dramatic the changes have been for me energetically. I am off the deathbed feeling to running on a cross trainer for an hour twice a day... Nice change. Thank you for all your care and kindness. We enjoyed all the treats you sent us as well . We are even envisioning a second bangle some time in the future. Thankyou.... blessings to you and your family.

Oceanna, CA


Since I have been wearing my bangle for the past year and a half, I have noticed improvements in my confidence, sense of direction/purpose, business decision-making, and peace. A big step for me was the realization that how other people react to me is not my problem; this was difficult for me to comprehend prior to wearing the bangle.

I have worn this bangle continuously for these 18 months - except when I went in for surgery to have a 38cm rod removed from my femur. To my astonishment, 24 hours after surgery I was home walking about as if I did not have surgery the prior day. I attribute my speedy recovery to the Gurus and the ability for me to receive extra aid with the bangle. Whenever I am facing a difficult time in this life, I step outside of myself and realize that the navratna has softened the situation.I look forward to the day when more people understand the properties of the nine-gem bangles and are wearing them.

- Jackie Rybacki, Encinitas, California


My 12 year old son suffers from severe migraines and a neurological disorder. He is also a very spiritual boy. I purchased an astrological bangle for him in the hope of helping him spiritually and physically to deal with his life challenges.

Over the year that he has been wearing it his health condition has improved steadily. He still experiences some problems, but they are greatly reduced in number and certainly in severity. Most important to me, my son (who is now 13) reports that he feels the bangle is helping him in his general health. I have explained to him that the bangle works on subtle spiritual ways and that we do not expect miraculous cures from it, but he does feel it helps him to focus and to feel better.

- Sara Brecht, Calabasas, CA


I am writing to talk about the effects of the bangle that Charlie and Nick made for me had on my well-being and my health. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestine) four years ago, to the point where I was nearly terminal. The Crohn’s was creating tumors and growth cysts, I was bleeding and losing weight.

I met Nick through a vedic astrologer named Ernst Wilhelm. Ernst indicated that he thought a gem bangle would probably be able to help me. It did. Within a matter of days I mellowed out, calmed down, and the side effects of a lot of my astrological problems seemed to ease. They didn’t go away, but there was a great decrease in the side effects, and I was able to tolerate a lot of what was going on much more easily.

I am very thankful that I have it. My energy has improved, and though not everything is in perfect health yet, I feel very strongly that as an aid, it has been an exceptional investment. I was told that summer would be a very difficult time astrologically. The bangle helped greatly reduce the effects of what could have been a life-threatening situation.

When I get done taking care of the payments with Nick and I am improved and able to return to work, I will be increasing the amount of gemstones on my arm so that I have a complete compliment. Just to mention how bad things were before I got the gems and how they helped turn things around, I had reached a stage where I was so sick that I wanted to leave my body. The bangle immediately made me feel much more grounded. As I continue to improve, I’ll be adding more gems and putting myself back into a stronger balance, so I can be more in tune, and enjoy my work with helping many chronically and terminally ill people. Thanks Nick, thanks Charlie and I’ll see you soon.

- Scott Robinson, Encinitas, CA


From the very first night , I have been aware of profound changes in myself, particularly on a spiritual and emotional level . I had a tremendous meditation the day after I got the bangle. It was like an emotional clearing house , a real turning point . I was able to release a lot of the knots that were obstructing my understanding and devotional relationship.

I was so surprised by the intensity that I thought was due to the blessings of the Encinitas environment, which was spectacular, but now that a month has passed, I know that the power of the bangle is REAL . I would liken it to my spiritual honeymoon , when I first read the Autobiography of a Yogi so many years ago.

My concentration has deepened immensely. I really feel that the bangle is magnetizing me , particularly in combination with heliotropic techniques. I have practiced energizing , healing, visualizing, and meditation in the Sun for many years , and the bangle seems to intensify this solar process.

Emotionally, I feel much more centered, calmer , and more on an even keel . I have had time to go through a few of my own cycles, and they have been less intense . Truly this instrument adjusts the pattern . I did not quite understand what you meant when you spoke of karma as how one reacts , but I do now . I feel like I have the freedom to choose my reactions to situations , more than I did before . Obviously, the sum total of each of our choices , has brought us to this point in time and space , but instead of feeling trapped by my own character and responsibilities, I feel more able to accept and reject situations. This type of freedom is true freedom .

A. Richard, Arizona

We have a client in Hawaii who has body-surfed daily for years. One day, while he was out in particularly aggressive surf, the bangle was yanked off his arm. We received the following letter from him one month later:

"Friends, Namaste.

It's a miracle; the bangle was found today (actually yesterday since it's now after midnight...but I'm too excited to sleep). It was found by a man snorkeling in the water where I lost it. If you knew the kind of surf we had the week I lost it, you wouldn't think it would be possible that it would EVER work its way to the surface again. The beach is a world famous beach and since this is Maui's busy season it is packed everyday. The amazing thing is that the man who found it was sitting near a friend of mine whom two German tourist girls always sit near.

The snorkel guy showed them the bangle he'd just found and asked them if they knew what it was worth. My friend saw what was going on and walked over and told him he knew who the bangle belonged to. He told him he'd get a reward, which he will.

And so will my friend for being there for me. About the friend: I clean the beach once or twice a week, picking up litter. About two weeks ago I picked up his watch, which he didn't realize he had dropped in the sand, and gave it to him. He was very grateful since he'd had the thing for something like 24 years. Later on he thanked me again. I replied that I hoped he'd return the favor. He knew I was referring to the missing bangle and said that he hoped he would. I am very blown away by the whole chain of events, and very grateful.

Jai Guru, Warren

P.S.--Anyone want to buy an almost new underwater metal detector?

P.S. for Nick and Charlie--The bangle was intact. Perfect as ever.



Dear Nick:

I wear the navaratna bangle since three days, and its effect in my person is simply fantastic. Since the first moment I adviced how grew the level of physical and psychic energy, and jointly appeared an inner placidity state. The sensation I feel is like this: all my nervous system has being adjusted and softened, but at the same time its level of available energy has being increased. So, I sleep much beter, and my capacity of work is bigger too. I am really admired. And also thankfull for your help.

The level of concentration has been enhanced. So, the wearing of the bangle has enhanced the interior work and the meditation. This improvement is a fortune of an incalculable value for me.

The navaratna bangle also begins to work as a true shield against a problem that threaten to begin soon. The navaratna has counteracted the problem like a shield in the field of energies. Maybe you have also some similar experience that rightly can be called wonderful.

Thanks in all sincerity.




I have had my share of trials and misplaced my 9 gem bracelet for about 3 weeks. This writing is in testimony to the effectiveness of the bracelet. I found it this morning in a jacket pocket and within a short period of time my whole mentality changed, mood and concentration improved immensely. After wearing it a few yrs I sometimes doubting if I need to but after this recent experience I will really cherish it's vallue. You are providing a very useful service and I hope it is appreciated as it should be.

Carol Winters
Kalispell, MT


Nick and Rich,

Just want to say thanks for the bangle and have seen the difference even in just a couple of days. I just e-mailed a bunch of SRF friends and sent them your site. Hope people get smart and get what you offer. I did want this thing 20 years ago as a monk, but then I guess the time wasn't right for me and Nick was just starting at the time. Thanks again.

Ben Garcia


Hi Nick,

I suffered the loss of my 18 year old son, a loss that is profound on every level. I found myself searching for meaning in this world and I began to search for answers about what it means to be human on this
planet. I began to invest vigorously in my spiritual growth by searching for answers in prayer, church and in books. After reading Autobiography of a Yogi, I felt a real sense of excitement about understanding this life and the questions we must all deal with. “How do I know God?” “What is my purpose in this life?” “What happens after we die?” I read about the benefits of wearing gems in Autobiography of a Yogi and I was excited to find Astrogems provides a gemstone bangle. After receiving my Vedic horoscope from Astrogems, I purchased 4 gems to start my bangle. I have added gemstones over the months and I have felt that from the beginning the bangle has provided me with a positive tool on my spiritual journey. I believe I receive benefit from wearing this bangle because I am more focused on pursuing the things in life that support me spiritually. Since wearing the bangle, I have begun pursuing yoga, taking the teacher-training courses; I have begun to meditate; and I continue my reading. Most importantly, my bangle is a visual daily reminder of what is important to me: not the material objects so valued in our culture, but the development of the inner life. I would highly recommend the Astrogems bangle to those wanting to support their spiritual growth in this life.



Ever since I've been wearing my bangle, my life has been much smoother and I've accomplished much more than I ever thought I was capable of.

LA Jones - nidan SKA & International touring Blues guitarist


Dear Nick,

I have been wearing my navaratna bracelet for about 2 years now. Things have improved during that time on a spiritual level, and on a material level, as well. The bangle is beautifully made with fine
workmanship. Thinking back, it was a real pleasure dealing with your staff - I remember requesting something more expensive, and was told that if I did it the less expensive way, I'd get "more bang for my
buck". I thought that was very unusual, and refreshing. I know I'll wear this for the rest of my life, and feel very fortunate to have it - wish everyone could wear one. Thank you,

Marilyn, Connecticut


Hi, Just to let you know that I would not be without my gem bangle, it is one of the best pieces of jewelry that I have bought, it is more than that.

Thank you,



I would like to report the great and incredible benefits I had since I started wearing the bangle about 6 months ago. At first an emotional release occurred, which lasted for a couple of days. After talking with Nick who suggested to continue wearing, and I am so grateful he did, slowly my energy starting to improve. I can now say without any hesitation it is one of the best things which happened in my life. First of all my energy is great , and always "high", in the sense that is always light and positive. My guidance has reached impressing levels: I am finding solutions for all matters not only for myself but also for people that I know. My business feeling has been really good, which brought some very interesting and new achievements. Being an artist, I find it also helping and empowering my artistic performance at very high levels in comparison to before.(my last performance was a big success). Last but not least I feel my "Aura" is bigger and stronger, which gives confidence in all kind of relationships with people and matters. It allows a better understanding of people and human interaction.I deeply appreciate and thank the work of Astrogems for bringing to the world this science and allowing miracles to happen, sincerely ...

Pablo Enciso


Hi Nick,

I wanted to always rave about my bangle(s) I don't even know where to start but I will just write. I constantly wear my bangles whether I am asleep or awake and it is for me a very fortifying and comforting feeling. I feel insured and protected at almost every level. I have noticed that when things go wrong I seem to glide through without much effort and I have seem to have it easier then everyone else around me.

The most important thing the bangle does for me and this is going to sound odd is when nothing happens. I feel that is when the bangle is at its best because what has been avoided is what is not known and felt by me.

In a very soothing and comforting way I feel very clear headed. I feel like a soothing medicine is applied to my arm and I am being fed a constant dose of energy through my skin. Through a lot of little
incidents and close calls I am convinced the bangle is the best thing that could have happened to me.

It is like I am in a protective bubble and although stuff happens the duration of it is short and the effects are minimal. I have at least 10 incidents where I clearly felt that the navratna was in overdrive on my behalf but the most important thing I can say is that it just FEELS right down to the very core of my being I feel fed and nurtured by the navratana. Its like a support system that never quits.

The quality of my life has definitely improved in every single aspect since I started wearing my navratna bangle and it seems to be getting better and better every day.

Thanks Nick for doing this for all of us. You don't know how grateful I am for the work and the website you have done. You are truly awesome and totally out of this world. The Navratna is fantastic I have never seen or felt anything like it ever in my whole life.

I can write on and on for hours and never quit raving. Everyone should have one. I love mine and I hope that I never ever have to be without it. Its truly one awesome power piece. I just cannot be without it even for a minute.

Love and Thanks,


Dear Nick,

Just wanted to thank you for the quick job you did on my navaratna bangle. I absolutely love the way it looks and feels! It even looks better than what I had imagined from your web-site - I love the OM links. I get a lot of compliments from both men and women. (FYI ONLY - Men think it is sexy - especially when I tell them I never take it off!) I believe they are drawn to it because it is so unusual. My stress has been alleviated and I was finally able to end a toxic relationship that has been difficult to terminate. I intuitively feel that I have been freed from some repetitive karmic lesson that I have been attracting over and over! I am calmer, happier and best of all got a promotion at work and am making more money! I have tried wearing similar gems in earrings and other jewelry but it really makes a difference to have the gems touching my skin. I want to upgrade my white topaz for an uncut diamond soon!

Best wishes for the New Year!
S. Phillips, Bonita Springs, FL



You can show this e-mail to Nick if you like but I got a new job with almost twice as much remuneration to what I was earning before! If you rewind back a few days to when I was cajoling you to exchange my earlier gemstones for a large emerald and a diamond (or diamond substitute) you will realize that I was coming from some understanding of Vedic Astrology and a powerful intuition. My ascendant is Virgo and for me emerald and diamond are the two best gemstones. Definitely this new offer was in the pipeline from sometime but three or four days after wearing my bangle I finally got the offer on paper. Thank you guys at Astrogems for an absolutely auspicious bangle! Also thanks for your flexibility and understanding. I guess it's the Encinitas air which is blessed by the great Paramhansa Yogananda that sets you guys apart!



Good Morning Rich!
I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my new bangle you made me! At first when received, I immediately realized that my attempt to be diligent in measuring my arm failed miserably, the bangle was much too big and I wondered how on earth my friend and I could have been so off when we tried on three different days to measure correctly and took the average. My girlfriend and I laughed and she said it's a good thing we aren't carpenters! I immediately took it to a jeweler friend of mine that is located right next door to my office and had them remove one of the links for me, which she did no problem within minutes, and then the bangle fit perfectly.

I was a little taken aback by the effects I felt over then next few weeks and experimented with the bangle to see if I could feel a difference when it was on or off (my girlfriend borrowed it and did this as well, and experienced a significant difference as I did).

I immediately noticed a complete cease in my general aches and pains when walking around my house. I have tiled floors throughout my house, and have felt my joints complaining on more than one occasion when walking barefoot on account of the unforgiving hard surface. I had always just lived with the achy back, joints and neck not really associating it with anything in particular - until now!

The result I am most excited about is in my meditations. Before, when I finished my meditations I had a difficult time just "sitting in the silence"; in fact I usually skipped this part and didn't even try. But the very same evening after receiving the bangle, I immediately felt a significant difference after finishing my meditation. The intenseness and ability to go deep for literally hours is something I have never experienced Nor thought I could ever accomplish! Now, I very much look forward to sitting in the silence after my meditations due to me literally being able to feel the benefits wash over me like a cosmic wave that never stops. The difference was so significant, that I had my girlfriend try it for 24 hours to see what she had to say about it.

When she tried it, she said that she noticed her eyes that had always been tired and weak (we both work in front of computers all day) suddenly felt rejuvenated and swore that the headache she had from it went away within minutes. She too, said her meditations were much deeper than usual but the most significant effect she had was a general feeling of calmness and relaxation (She became very interested in getting her own bangle).

I just thought you might be interested and would like to know. Thank you again for offering your service, and I hope business is better than ever for you. :) I am very happy!

Sincerely, Kassidy


Hi Nick,

My Name is Chris Howe, I use astrological jewellery for both emotional and physical problems which I have probably brought upon myself during my 38 years in this lifetime, A friend introduced me to the 9 gem bangle a year or so ago, Nick asked me to complete a questionnaire to evaluate which areas of my life the natural energy would be channelled towards, Like most people they ranged from physical to emotional, and from relationships which went wrong to indigestion, Nick and his team put together a bangle for me costing some $7000.00 which seemed a high price to pay, but after a year with the bangle I would not be without it, life seems happier, relationships work, indigestion is at a minimum and I fee calm, It could be all coincidence but I don't Believe in that, which gives me one option here, that is to highly recommend the astrological jewellery that Nick makes. I think of the bangle as an investment in my next 50 years, an investment in my mind, my body and hopefully more...

Chris Howe


I wanted to touch base and confirm that I feel confident the starter navaratna I purchased 6 months ago in September is indeed affecting my life/health in a positive way.

Although I can't say definitively that I feel it's effects day to day, I can say that when I recently "muscle tested" the navaratna with a long time supplements manager friend at a local health food store, the test indicated that I had become stronger since acquiring the navaratna.

The supplements manager and I have tested many herbs/supplements over the years by first gauging my baseline strength: I hold out one of my arms parallel to the floor away from my side while she pushes down on my arm.(without either of us touching the item being tested) Then I pick up the item in question and hold it while she states something along the lines of "This navaratna is beneficial to Mary's well being". Then she tests my strength by again pushing down my held-out arm. Recently when we tested the navaratna, she couldn't pull my arm down with BOTH of her arms/hands, even when I was not touching the navaratna.(as if it has strengthend me to the point where I am stronger from wearing it even without wearing it all the time) In past supplement testing, she could always pull my arm down when we did the gauging my baseline strength phase of the test. I wish I had a video of her eyes popping when she couldn't pull my arm down. None of the supplements we had tested over t he years indicated this much aid. Also, I misplaced the navaratna for a month between Thanksgiving and Christmas and during that month I had one of my accidents(I have a history of being accident prone). I broke a 5 gal. bottle of water and then, connected to that mishap I smashed a thumbnail in a door. Was it a coincidence that my only accident since acquiring the navaratna occurred during the month it was missing? Can't say for sure but it makes me wonder. I told Rich that these gems provide a link between heaven and earth.

Interesting, to say the least. Thanks for all your hard work,

M Kline Missouri


Hi Richard,
We got the bangles, they are great. We've been wearing them for only two days now but we already start to see the effects. Thank you very much for your work and your help.

Paolo and Michela Brazil


Dear Nick and Rich, and all;
I am loving the Bangle and the changes that are happening within my. I was feeling changes starting to happen once I place the order, and have felt them on a deeper level since receiving and wearing the bangle. And, my health is improving as well.

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this glorious work that you do for one's like myself. I will give you a more thorough testimony after about 6 or so months.

In Master's Love and Devotion;
Jai Guruji
Arlene, Calgary


Hi you guys,

My bangle is one year old now and I want to thank you for it. I like it very much. I feel really benefited by it. I am not as angry and unsettled as I was for sooo long. My meditations have improved so much which is such a blessing. Overall I am way more happy and content.

I work as a nurse on a medical surgical floor and I find my bangle makes my patients happy as well. It brings light , color and good energy, good vibes into their rooms. It is fun and does no harm. If it did nothing else it would be worth it. However, even though I like it immensely I am thinking about some up grades. I feel that I would like a better quality garnet if you could find one but realize that this may not be possible and so am wondering about adding another one either to the bangle or in another piece of jewelry. You have some really nice ones on your web site I also wonder about the catseye. Mine has a wide open yellow eye and no slit and is seen only from the inside which is flat and has a white film on it. The outside is yellow, cloudy and looks deep I think the cats eye is to help with chronic disease. I can't say that I have really noticed its effects. I like all the rest of the stones and I even like those also but wonder if it might be more effective with these upgrades I'm also curious about the cost of a 7.5 ct raw diamond for Chuck . Do you have any? Could we do a bangle for him with all uncut stones ?

Jai Guru, Thanks,
Ruth Sacramento

Dear Nick and Rich
I am happy with the multi-gem bangle. I have experienced more energy and less fatigue after physical activities and meals since wearing the multi-gem bangle.

Thank you,
David H Saint Louis



With the ongoing lawsuit, the two guys who came out from the law firm got an eyeful and they met with our engineer. I only started sweating heavily, I didn't get physically ill from meeting them (as I have from some of the other attorneys) so I feel like the bracelet has helped tremendously, Its seems i dont buy into all the negativity and imagined pain while i am wearing the bangle.It also helps me to be doing my mala, and a curious thing happened yesterday: I bought clothes, girl clothes (it's only taken me fifty years) which I have put off for decades somehow i think with the bangle changing my frequency and thus consciousness i am getting more relaxed and learning how to enjoy life without reacting to it in a more formal manner.

Odd thing number one. ! The red coral necklace has had a distinct effect, even handing them the clothes or the hangers they would comment on my warm hands. I never have warm hands !!: cold hands, cold feet, cold front teeth (upper), cold nose, cold ear lobes. I guess that's all gone now. The only other time this happened was when my thyroid was out of whack from the dental drug septocaine.

Thanks for all your help,
Tracy M


Hi guys!

So I got my bangle a few days back - thank you so much! I didn't want to reply straight away - I wanted to wear it for a bit and then let you guys know how it was going.

So what I've noticed so far is that, as with the trimetal bangle, I can feel when it loses contact with my skin (not just physically, obviously, and I've removed 2 links so it's snug now), I sleep better and seem to be a little more resistant to fatigue than normal, I used to battle with eczema - this in particular almost disappeared overnight, and I've found that some interpersonal conflicts have inexplicably begun to resolve. Hahaha! It's a one-stop shop!

I've also realised why SRF doesn't push the jewelry so much: attributing these changes to a bangle or a Navaratna could lessen the devotion and gratitude to God, diverting the attention to matter as opposed to keeping it spiritual. So I affirm that God/Guru have effected all of the above using the bangles as a channel for their Grace, amongst other things.

Thanks again and have a great week!



Hi Nick

I have hesitated to write a testimonial about the silver necklace, the red coral necklace, the frequency bangle and now the astrological bangle as I wanted to see the effects over a little time.

First of all the silver necklace gave me immediate relief from my ongoing neck pain from an arthritic neck with pinched nerves. I also started to wear the frequency bangle at the same time. I was feeling so good I overdid my pilates exercises that I then compromised my neck and as common sense should tell me, even though the pain had stopped there still is a structural issue and I shouldn't have aggravated it with over zealous exercises. I am wearing the necklace full time now and am pain free again.

The red coral necklace was great for a week or so. I live in a cold climate in Oregon and it chills me to the bone at times. When I first put it on, I felt a comforting warmth and loved it. Then I started to feel agitated and I took it off as Nick had suggested that I should watch out for this. I haven't worn it for a couple of weeks, then I woke up this morning feeling sick and not enough energy to work out and thought, oh great is it Covid? Please know I'm pretty healthy and I haven't felt this sick for years. I put on the Red Coral, the Frequency Bangle, the silver necklace and my new Astrological bangle and within an hour I felt great. The Red Coral just warmed my bones and everything else just supported my well being.

So on top of this I have been experimenting with my beautiful astrological bangle and I quit wearing the frequency bangle and the silver necklace to see how I felt. The Astrological gem bangle was too large and it was always sliding down my arm and kind of flopping around. This morning I took out two of the silver links and it now sits firmly just above my elbow and is very comfortable. So that being said, when I adjusted it to fit firmly, then put on the frequency bangle and the silver and red coral felt grounded, centered and in very good health. I immediately felt drawn to my Gurus and all the other things I've been involved with just lost their importance. A peaceful detachment is what I think you describe it as. The issues that were bothering me just went to the background and just didn't seem that upsetting.

So, Nick thank you again for all your sage advice and patience with helping me navigate this path.

In much gratitude,
Mary D.


Upon recently becoming a Kriyaban, I wanted to commemorate the event, and reflected on the best way for me to honor and grow in my new path. That's when I recalled that, throughout the Autobiography of a Yogi, Sri Yukteswar recommended gems for healing purposes and the astrological bangle for "outwitting the stars." I ended up choosing the navaratna bracelet because it includes the 9 planets.
Nick and Rich are a pleasure to work with. They are kind and patient, and experts in their fields. The first day I wore the bracelet, toward the end of my evening meditation, a brightest star appeared in my closed-eye gaze. Amazement filled me. This is the beginning of my Kriya Yoga journey, and I am very thankful to have a quality navaratna bracelet. Thank you, Nick and Rich!

Lien Z


Some benefits that seem to have occurred since getting the bangle include:

Calmer and less restless, more energetic and less fatigue, better concentration in meditation, less need for sleep, better ability to concentrate, improvement in health along with introspecting more about how to improve my life. Nullifying karmic impacts can be so subtle that they may not even be noticed.

Also I seem to appreciate the good in others more and get along more harmoniously with people.

Jai Guru. James V



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