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Robert Cole...It was like a wonderful Christmas morning, opening your package. The pictures are all nice. When I saw the bangle I was struck at its beauty and craftsmanship. The silver necklace is nice too. Thankfully the bangle fits because I'm not planning to take it off.

Once I put the bangle on I immediately could feel a powerful effect on electrical currents in my body. I've told you of my sensitivity to the microwave technologies presently bombarding the populace with unnatural detrimental amounts of frequencies. Well, the bangle had its own frequencies which felt very different. At first it did not feel good; it was as if established patterns of energy were being shifted or rerouted. I sat to meditate and practiced Kriya which immediately felt fortified. After I meditated, whatever energy conflicts had taken place were finished. The influence of both the bangle and necklace have created an effect that feels strengthening. It will be interesting to take notice as I carry on.

Many thanks,



I would like to express my gratitude for such a wonderful bangle. I have kept it on my upper arm since I received it. I smoked marijuana for over twenty years and I would often crave it when I didn't have any to smoke.

Soon after I wore the bangle not only the craving for marijuana was completely gone but to my amazement all thoughts of it disappeared. Before wearing the navaratna, I would constantly think about smoking pot, so it was a great relief to not be obsessing about it. It seems that it is now much easier for me to be always practicing the presence by mentally chanting, which has granted me a whole new wonderful spiritual experience. I feel good about myself and KNOW Kriya Yoga works because I am happier than ever without having any marijuana in my body!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom on precious stones and metals! I am truly a new and happier person!

For God and Guru!
Todd C, Escondido, California



Gaetan Chevalier, Research Director at Psy-tek International, did a kirlian photographic analysis test on the integration of a frequency bangle -"it works - its powerful." See the results filmed live in Encinitas by with Nick Hodgson, President of and


Dear Nick,

I was just watching your video about Gems mitigating karma and I thought I would give you my experience. As you mentioned in the video yes it has created a more chilled scenario. But the main thing for me is that it has helped greatly with reducing the severity of outer circumstances. I was shown before I bought the bangle from you that I needed one in a number of ways. I got the starter bangle but it clearly wasn't enough because Amar just came up to me out of the blue and started talking about upgrading my bangle and amazingly just gave me his very expensive gold one to wear! (He didn't know me that well at the time to give me a �10k + bangle to wear for weeks). Intuition showed me after that I did need to upgrade and so I got in touch with you again to get a new gold bangle from you with larger gem stones. After that life began to become more difficult and it lasted for a number of years. A number of years later I actually took the bangle off for a little while and things literally went crazy around me very seriously. I put it back on and it died down again. Not long after that a trusted friend of mine, who's a medical clairvoyent healer, who has helped hundred's of people to get well again including many people with cancer, told me that over the past number of years I had been getting rid of karma from a number of past lives. Of course Guruji was behind all of this. I thought I would tell you this to back up the fact that gemstones really do reduce / nullify outer circumstances caused by karma.


- Simon



The most auspicious Fourth of July, 2015.

This is a long testimonial. So for those who have already decided to skip it, I would still suggest you go through it, slowly, pondering over the contents, and re-read it if need be. It cannot equal the benefit you can gain from ten-seconds-worth of reading of something said by Master (provided you implement it unswervingly), but it may be the best and most advantageous five minutes you ever spent, if you are bold enough to take action on and experiment with something that may be of an incredibly immense benefit. I've been very happily and gratefully wearing a Medium Frequency Bangle since evening of 26th May 2015 and a Navaratna Bangle (with a very large emerald of 22.74 carats) since the afternoon of 14th June 2015. I was introduced to Nick's website a few days before and became deeply interested in his products. Consequently, I made a concerted effort to study the said and the sister websites, even though my LL.M. exams which I hadn't had any opportunity to study for were approaching and even though I was required to give a great chunk of my time to several other very important and urgent personal tasks. I mention this to stress upon the grave and urgent significance I accorded to Nick's bangles etc.

My greatest concern was not that the bangles were obviously expensive (more so for an Indian), but that the author might be a fraud, considering that the world of jewellery and gemstones is overwhelmingly dominated by crooks and liars. And even though I was very much intuitively attracted to and convinced by the contents of his site, I wanted to ascertain myself the truthfulness of the author objectively. So I continued to read his websites more and more. It was evident from every word therein that the person was genuine and a sincere devotee of Master's. The simplicity and the non-commercialized manner of his sites was unmistakably obvious. I was almost totally convinced after speaking to him over phone for over half an hour during which he was most humble and generous in terms of giving me a patient hearing and his valuable time. When at YSS for the Sunday satsanga, I asked a member there if he had ever heard of Nick and his products, and his opinion thereon. He said he had met Nick in California but could not comment on the efficacy or genuineness of his products. He said that if I wanted to purchase a bangle, I could just chant Master's name, ask for His blessings, and go for it. I thought this made very good sense, and it reaffirmed my decision to go for it.

When I spoke to Nick and detailed my needs and my problems, he suggested that considering my body weight and for maximum value per dollar, I go for the Medium Frequency Bangle. I didn't doubt his wisdom and agreed to it. He very kindly told me of his arrangement in Jaipur where I could get my bangle from and also urged the Jaipur people to make it most urgently for me, as I was to leave the city in a few days.

Within half an hour of wearing the Medium Frequency Bangle, I automatically started getting deep breaths, and with it a sense of deep, satisfying, joy-giving peace, though I was at a railway station. This sense of feeling-good/wellbeing was continually noticeable for several hours. After that I guess I became accustomed to it, and therefore it wasn't as noticeable as earlier, and consequently IT SEEMED AS IF THE BANGLE WAS PROBABLY NOT DOING ANYTHING ANYMORE, OR AT LEAST THERE WAS SUFFICIENT CAUSE FOR REASONABLE DOUBT. But with God's grace and from the many testimonials I had read/watched, and also from common sense, I definitely knew better.

After three days when my brother came home I compelled him to try the bangle though he was totally unwilling and uninterested. Within a couple of hours of my having removed the bangle I gave way to unnecessary arguments provoked by a near relative, which was followed by harsh criticism by him of my behaviour and actions, and most terribly of all, the family atmosphere was adversely affected to the point to many being deeply emotionally hurt. During those 7-8 hours when I did not have the bangle on, my cough and cold condition also worsened rapidly. Later on, after a week, when I had again given the bangle to my brother as he was not keeping well, I started to feel uncomfortable and slightly troubled by depression, a seemingly inescapable form of which had afflicted me for several years (but which was now greatly mitigated by the use of the SRF three-metal bangle). I do not ascribe those negative incidents entirely to my not having the bangle on, of course, but I do strongly believe the bangle could have gone a long way towards mitigating, or even averting, them. The bangle not only gives you the strength to behave more nobly, but also brings good luck and avoidance of disturbing events and situations, without any conscious effort or will on your part, and many times without your ever knowing it.

Being greatly encouraged by the benefits of the Frequency Bangle, I decided I wanted to have a Navaratna Bangle too. Here it is important to note that all too often we humans become complacent with what we have, especially when life is comfortable, and do not strive for the best and the highest that we know is within our reach. I wanted to gain the maximum advantage out of something that is so fortunately (and cheaply, relatively speaking) available, probably for the first time in the history of mankind. After consultation with Nick several times, I also ordered a Frequency Bangle for both of my parents.

I almost could not wait to get my Navaratna. After wearing it, I strongly feel it has a positive synergistic effect on the effects of the Frequency Bangle. In my opinion, for maximum benefit, and if you can afford it, you definitely want both. And perhaps many other bangles and necklaces that Nick offers.

I'll enumerate in detail (not exactly in the order of importance or impact) the various TANGIBLE benefits from wearing the Frequency Bangle and the Navaratna. (I feel there must be lots of benefits that we don't really come to know of.)

1. Lifting of depression and feeling of boredom. During my college days and even thereafter, I found it nearly impossible to study my law course books alone, though I could easily read spiritual or other books when alone. Therefore I ALWAYS had to look for someone who might be interested in group study. I went to such great lengths for it which made me feel so humiliated, actually like a prostitute being compelled by the circumstances to sell his soul. Even a few friends came to know of it, and a course mate once remarked, "K. can never study alone." It was so embarrassing. It was a most peculiar situation. It was as if something made me so totally restless. This strongly negative vibe was practically impossible to overcome. I was completely at its mercy, and I deeply pitied myself. This thing tortured me day and night, for several years. Its effect was constant, not only during the study sessions. In those days my suffering was so intense I thought I was paying in a day for at least a year's past negative karma. This thing would make me go down on my knees, and... Well, to put it mildly I was deep in misery and deep in depression, FOR NO GOOD REASON!! All was well at home, I had no heartbreaks, I had enough money, I was getting good education and had an obvious bright career, I always secured decent grades, I was physically and mentally healthy, I enjoyed decent reputation among my peers. I think it could be the truest example of your planets or your karma or whatever torturing you. It was apparently significantly mitigated by the SRF three-metal bangle, and I presume it has been wiped out or at least made more dormant or powerless by Nick's bangles.

2. More strength/energy in body and mind.

3. Reduction in the need for sleep. After wearing the Frequency Bangle I would wake up naturally, without effort, feeling need for no more rest, after five or six hours of sleep, even if I were almost exhausted previous night. Earlier on such occasions my body would normally require 7-8 hours to recover; I wouldn't wake up before this without alarm, unless specifically so intended. Need for sleep was further reduced by about an hour after wearing the Navaratna. More importantly, the crankiness and at times the utter restlessness that I sometimes felt on being sleep-deprived has gone away, even if I've had barely two hours of sleep.

4. Earlier I would sometimes feel very much detached and disillusioned with the world, accompanied by an acutely painful feeling, something like a feeling of having been deeply hurt - hurt by the world maybe, or by whoever else - I can't define it properly. I would say today I am just as much detached and disinterested in the material world in a positive way, but it doesn't hurt me anymore.

5. Earlier almost every time I slept I would have painful dreams - not exactly nightmares but those that had extremely unpleasant content. They disappeared almost entirely from the very first night after wearing the Frequency Bangle. Even if I now have a dream the contents of which are supposed to be painful, it doesn't FEEL too painful any longer.

6. Immediately upon waking up, I would start getting negative and depressing thoughts like how I wasted precious time yesterday, how I didn't do something right etc. Such thoughts would dominate my mind for a long time, and sometimes maybe even set the tone of my mood for the day. Such thoughts have disappeared too, and when they are there once in a blue moon, they are not at all persistent. This also was evident from day one of the Frequency Bangle.

7. Earlier I would long for company (real or virtual) of friends and acquaintances. Aloneness used to be painful loneliness. Now it is peaceful solitude.

8. Development of interest in new things earlier thought boring. Like business news channels.

9. Ability to work longer and without getting tired.

10. Finding more things to work on. Earlier I would get bored sometimes, wondering "What should I do at this moment? There's nothing that would be a productive use of my time."

11. Resistance to the onset of cough and cold.

12. Not a single day of feeling unwell or headaches or other pain.

13. Being attracted to new ways of making money.

14. Being better able to see things from the other person's point of view.

15. Being more noble/moral.

16. Being slightly better able to intuit what the will of the Master may be on any matter.

17. Good luck (better place of posting, less conflict with superiors, attracting better and more sincere acquaintances etc).

18. "Softening" of difficult situations.

19. Mitigation of gastric disorders.

20. Reduction in the levels of irritability. Earlier, small insignificant things I knew meant nothing really, would bother me much. I would know I'm taking stress over nothing, but still be stressed over it. Now, without conscious effort, I'm not bothered as much.

21. Greater flexibility in body. (Earlier my body would be very much rigid even after a hardcore warm up like a 10 Km run. I wouldn't be able to do stretching exercises too well.) This one is surprising! How could a non-medicinal and non-physiological item drastically improve a grossly physical condition almost instantaneously! Which means the bangles may be working at levels much deeper than we may surmise. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

22. Near-elimination in craving for, and pleasure derived from consumption of junk foods (even earlier I wasn't too fond of them, but the pleasure derived has still reduced significantly.)

23. Reduction in sexual craving and sexual thoughts (this also was earlier much, much less than other people same age as me, but again, it has also gone down significantly.)

24. Greater ability to bear hunger, to withstand heat and humidity, etc, without getting cranky.

25. Greater self-confidence.

26. Greater clarity about aim in life and perception as to how to progress towards the same.

27. Ability to breathe deeply, at will, for long periods.

28. And most importantly of all, a sense of lasting peace... A pervading feeling of wellbeing - that whatever is, is okay. Or even if not okay, it will be okay. Or you can handle whatever is coming your way, you have the strength for it. Basically, my ocean of peace is mostly too deep to be perturbed by the restlessness of the small fish.

Be sure you're missing out on one of the easiest and surest ways to make your life easier, happier, more comfortable and more spiritual if you make lame excuses like you can't afford a bangle. Nick has gone to considerable pain and research to offer "Starter" bangles etc for those with a lower initial or final budget, and considering the quality and potency of the gems he is giving you at the prices he's offering them for, it's truly remarkable, a true feat of charity. I would say you can borrow money for it, or you can walk to office to save money, or you can cut down on your luxuries or other pleasures, or you can sell your car or your home or any other "precious" and "valuable" items that don't really add value to your life, if need be, and get at least one of those bangles. You need to do this great favour to yourself. You won't regret your decision, even if you don't tangibly feel the positive effects, if you have made an endeavour to understand the science behind Nick's astrological jewellery. I say this to stress on the same point that Master said so beautifully: "Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait." So if you mean business about being happier, more peaceful, more noble and better your search for God, the bangles really do take the prime importance.

Disconcertingly for many, I was also fortunate to find a very effective solution to the problem of the bangles attracting public attention and questions. You can cover them by a wrist band such as those offered by Nike, Adidas etc. For those with huge arms, you can cover them with crepe bandage or a piece of cloth such as a handkerchief. Thereafter it's not visible at all, and from my personal experience as also Nick's opinion, it does not affect the potency of the bangle. This kills your last possible excuse.

The benefits I've listed above may not be exhaustive. Over the weeks the bangles have integrated with me so well and so deeply that I am now hardly conscious of their effects. I may have forgotten some benefits that have accrued to me, or I may have presumed something resulting from the effect of the bangles as accruing naturally to me. Also it is important to bear in mind that in my case, the benefits from the Frequency Bangle and the Navaratna Bangle may have been significantly reduced in scope and/or magnitude as I have already been wearing an SRF three-metal bangle since December 2014.

Anyway, I would very strongly recommend all to take urgent interest in the products offered by Nick, ask his advice, and get a bangle preferably tailor-made for your own requirements. I'd be happy to be contacted for more information and experiences on this matter should someone so desire. My contact email Id can be obtained from Nick.

Thank you very much Nick for the great work you're doing. Keep it up and God bless!

- New Delhi (name withheld by request)



Dear Nick,

I hope you are doing great! After starting to wear it so much has happened. First I went trough some kind of an adjustment period, it was horrible as so many old things came to the surface. I went through quite a lot of feelings, emotions and sorrow related to big changes in my life 3 years ago and even earlier. I thought I was losing it to be honest. But, I suppose that it was a good thing as now I feel that I am able to move on in my life and to feel my feelings again at a whole new level.

I feel lighter and I think this has also helped my economical situation a bit already as well as my relationships in general. I had few very deep and nice meditation experiences too. But what a roller-coaster it has been until last week.

I want to thank you and Rich as I can feel the many blessings of the bangle and I really like it (both of them) a lot! : )

Oh and to add about the benefits I had a very stiff neck and shoulders and nothing seemed to help (daily yoga, acupuncture, massages etc.) after starting to wear the Navaratna bangle my neck and shoulders have been just fine, it surely is a miracle : )

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Europe



My Story with Extreme EMF sensitivity disease:

I am a 28 Year old who has a BA in ------ and started a successful company . I do not want to give out much personal information as I dont want this record to be trackable by potential employees or clients. However I do strongly feel the need to make this info available in the public domain as i suffered so much and have a responsibility to allow others to discover my story of extreme EMF sensitivity. Nick asked me to type out a testimonial as this is a subject that is so unrecognised that it took me years to find a solution.

I love sports and have a great family life and generally enjoy lifefully and I feel those that know me would be very surprised to know that the below experiances were something that I went through.

In 2003 I did a series of foot baths where an electric current is run through water and pulls out toxins from the body based on attracting charges. After about 12 of these foot baths I began to feel strange and so immediately stopped the treatments. A couple of months after this experience I bought an electrical pulser which claimed it would clean my blood of bacteria and parasites in order to address a pre-existing health condition. The product was to be placed on the wrist for an hour a day. I lasted only a week with this product and that was far too long. The last time I used it was the straw that broke the camel's back and began what is now eight years of electrical sensitivity.

It may be that I am more sensitive than most. In all fairness, the pulser was a product that I had researched for years and found to be safe. When I called the company they said they had never heard of such a reaction and some people were even wearing the product for hours a day. child's pose woman wearing metal bangleNevertheless, I knew that something was very wrong with me and I had no idea of how to deal with it or make things right again. So my journey begins here in june of 1999 ??date at age …. It was a bizarre experience and something I had never ever felt would or could occur to me that first day I felt completely exposed and sensitive. I was nauseous and it felt like everything inside of me had broken and in my brain I was having this experience of splitting pains coursing across my brain. Ot simplify this sensation I shall just refer tot them as explosions as they recurred with nightmarish regularity for the next xxx years. going off. I just wanted to lie down, it wasn't so much that I was tired and wanted to sleep I just didn't feel like I had the strength to stand. The more I tried to use my brain the more I felt the explosions, not a headache exactly, but like there were firecrackers going off inside my head and this would just take my whole body down like a house of cards.

So, while lying down was about all I could do, at times my body would become so tired and exhausted that I would fall into a short sleep. I had never had trouble sleeping and now for the next 4 years.. a full night's sleep began to elude me. I would often wake up in the middle of night wide awake with an exhausted body, but unable to go back to sleep until the early morning, by which time I felt completely drained and I could not have stayed awake and been functional at this point until I had had two to three hours of solid sleep. Consequently, I was unable to work for two and a half years. I didn't help that the work that I was accustomed to involved the computer. Of course.

For almost four years I was unable to use the computer for more than five minutes at a time – if I could even manage that - or to read books. Every time I tried to engage in these activities my brain would explode and once started it would affect my whole body. It wasn't my vision that was affected but the part of the brain that processed vision. I could still write as the activity involved was slow enough for my brain to follow, but my writing deteriorated as I would automatically miss the letter 'r' when writing and letters like 'm, n, u, and w' were not always very clear. I could also watch movies at the cinema as the technology showing the film was far from where I was sitting, but not on a computer screen or a television set.

For the first six months I was like a zombie. I spent hours of the day just staring at a point on the wall. Any kind of movement in my field of vision was too stimulating. Any kind of thinking: musing, daydreaming, organizing thoughts, and especially a concentrated focus where I might have to figure something out, was just too painful. Even feeling my emotions would set off the explosions in my brain. I couldn't even resort to crying. So in order to keep my brain completely still I found that lying down and just resting my eyes on some neutral point on the blank wall was all I could manage. Looking out the window provided too much variation in color depth and perception for my brain to handle.

Express alarm and concern of mum and friends and their reaction to this new person….As I had always largely been an intellectually focused person this was very difficult so any time my brain would automatically try to process information I would be yanked back like a dog on a leash by explosions going off or worse the sound of crunching inside my head as though my brain were being eaten up. Again and again I couldn’t believe I was having this intense and strange experience I had never heard of I have always affirmed strength and self sufficiency and to be incapacitatedby such a mysterious and hard to measure symptom both frustrated me and made my search for a cure all the more challenging.

Did you go to Doctors or specialists, what happened?

After that first six months there was a shift and I entered a state where I remained for the next couple of years. At this time after my resting and being mentally still I would begin to feel better and of course resume my old activities of reading or trying to answer emails as there was just so much in my life that wasn't getting done. Mention your chosen carreer what is your interest here.. etc. I had no idea how to regulate how much was too much and so always overdid it and my brain and then my body would just begin to shut down. Then I would have to lie still again staring at the wall for a couple of days to recover myself back to a place where I could resume my normal activities. This remains in my mind an endless cycle I went through over and over.

For about the first year I found that I had difficulty going into places where people gather in large numbers, for example, the shopping mall. When I did go to the mall this would happen…………. I also remember having a great deal of difficulty recovering from a wedding that I attended at that time. In these situations the symptoms that I suffered were more flu-like in nature affecting my well as the explosions??? woman doing yoga wearing metal bangle Again I would be taken out for a couple of days where I would have to rest before I began to feel better.

Iand then out of the blue = diabetes-like symptoms and these are what would often wake me up in the middle of the night. The literature ( from where) now talks of a third type of diabetes due to electrical hypersensitivity. I spent thousands of hours persuing solutions trying to find answers to where the exit door was in my hell. Visiting doctors, ayurvedic , internet, youtube , websites etc etc….. Some of the experiences I had were of numbness, shooting pains, and tingling in my arms and legs also sharp pains in my eyes. I also had the experience of little darts moving around in my pancreas. In the area of my stomach and pancreas I often felt like I had a big hole there. Sometimes the feeling was so strong and uncomfortable I would have to cross my arms and hold the area tightly. This was especially pronounced when I was lying down on my back, so uncomfortable was it that I had to lie on my side to fall asleep. Sometimes eating something in the middle of the night would alleviate these problems depending on how bad they were. I often had to get up twice in the night and have snacks in order to fall asleep.

After this initial period of two years in the the fall of 1919ere ?I was able to work again, although not with the computer. Around this time I moved from a city suburb to a small city where there was more access to green space. It was three and a half years before I could use the computer again with any semblance of normality. Then four years after the initial incident I went back to school and was often on the computer up to 12 hours a day with very little of my former difficulties. Did everything go or was it just tolerable to what level did it go away….In 2008 I went to live in Vancouver for the summer. Within two weeks of arriving there was a fire in the apartment building where I was staying and the apartment I was in sustained water damage. So for three weeks industrial strength dehumidifiers were placed in the apartment and we were to run them 24/7. It took me awhile to realize that the electrical field that they were generating was too much for me to handle and I had what I would call relapse. I was also working in an office where there were a number of computers present. The combination set me back and while I was still high functioning I was having to do a lot of remediation to function at this level. What was you employers or friends reaction any anecdotal stories.

My day to day work became a real challenge for my brain on a moment to moment basis. It can be hard to describe what exactly you are experiencing with an electrical sensitivity unless you yourself have also experienced it. There comes a point where your brain just stops functioning and you feel completely drained and in order to function it is as though you can only do this by sheer force of will. Actions a body normally does without thinking, you have to focus very hard = and this takes a lot of energy. After a day of work I I couldn’t wait to go lie on the grass in the park for an hour just to decompress from the day. Luckily, Vancouver is a city of amazing natural beauty and I was able to first hand experience the calming effect that trees 30-50 meters (100-160 feet) high, have of totally engulfing you in their energy. The old growth forests were especially soothing, still the ambient electricity in a large urban center can be overwhelming. For that summer I stayed in apartments and found that the amount of electricity generated from electrical wiring and appliances was more than I could tolerate after a day on the computers. So while seeing a variety of options the best I found was I took to sleeping in my car most nights, for a few hours at least, driving to find a spot away from electrical wires.

After the summer I returned to the small city where I had been living and found that I was much better. I was living in an apartment which again can be problematic but since I wasn't home that much I found it tolerable, except sometimes at night I would have to unplug the fridge to get a good night's sleep. Now no longer in an office environment, but still working daily with a computer I was able to live a high functioning life.

Did you ever use an emf reader?? Recently, I moved into an old house, over 100 years old, and have found it to be the best experience I have had so far in terms of being to tolerate electricity in a city environment. Being so old the home is made out of natural materials and is able to breathe. For years I searched high and low for solutions to hasten my health crisis.

Doctors couldn’t help and I was left to my own devises I went at everything in the desperation and an open mind. I read a lot of websites and bought a lot of items that made promises of being able to help but in fact did not . Eventually after a really extensive search I found some instruments that to my amazement and joy really did lessen my frustrating situation. I write this story as if it can help just one person who has had even one tenth of the pain and suffering I have gone through then it will make me deeply happy.

In fact, with the help of some several aids, most days now I don't even notice my electrical sensitivity and forget that I have it, and the 'help of the aids' are what I would like to discuss now.

Helpful Tips:

General Health and Diet: When people become sensitive to electricity one of the things that can help the most is ridding the body of toxins, generally avoiding processed food and eating more pure food (preferably organic). yoga woman wearing metal bangleFor example, removing mercury dental amalgams can really help. When I became electrically sensitive, I was already eating well. The trick is to keep your body in an alkaline state as much as possible. You can buy pH paper at the health food store where you can easily test your saliva to see if your body is maintaining an alkaline state. My best recommendation for a diet is the Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. After reading about health and diet for over thirty years I think this is one of the best texts and approaches out there because it is based on the principles of good eating as a foundation for a a healthy body. You don't necessarily have to eat the food she recommends, but absorbing the principles will allow you to apply them to any diet that you are drawn to. Another good way to maintain a great alkaline balance is to buy a PH water Ioniser. Talk to Petra about this..???


Getting a good night's sleep becomes a real challenge when you have a sensitivity to electricity. It may be that you fall into a sound sleep immediately only to awaken a couple of hours later and find yourself wide awake for several agonizing hours. One factor became clear to me over time and that was that I needed to eat something. While I had always been hypoglycemic, I had never previously felt hungry through the night - even in the depths of suffering from electrical sensitivity I never felt like eating. Once I made the connection that part of my suffering was due to low blood sugar I began to have snacks beside my bed and after eating I was always able to go back to sleep. At the worst of it I had to do this three times in a night. This makes sense when you consider that electricity has been found to be the cause of a third type of diabetes. Since you are not wanting to disrupt your sleep as little as possible you will want to have the snacks beside your bed. Mostly I ate carrots or apples as I could eat them and just fall back asleep without having to worry about getting up to brush my teeth. I also found the effervescent packets of Emergence-C helpful, as it would immediately put electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins back into my system. Other foods to consider: protein powder, greens powder, and crackers. Did you ever consider almonds??

Other techniques I found to calm an overactive brain and put myself back to sleep involved shifting my centre of awareness. When awake during the night there is a tendency to worry unnecessarily and this begins a vicious cycle where the brain becomes even more agitated and awake. As we sleep our focus of awareness is diffused and will be so upon awakening, unless you are waking from an intense and active dream where you will be fully awake immediately. Right at that moment of just waking up or as soon as you realize you are awake, the trick is to shift your centre of awareness from your head to your belly. This can be surprisingly effective because your body is still asleep. And by shifting the focus you are not allowing the brain to activate itself. Once you focus on your belly you just want to rest your awareness on the sensations there, not your breathing or other bodily physical sensations. Keeping the focus narrow is what will best help lull you back to sleep.

Other helpful aids involved wearing an orgone head band that I made.

By the way the med bangles can be worn on the forehead and are amazing…I personally have killed headaches in seconds with them..Sometimes placing a piece of labradorite under my pillow would help. Occasionally, I would tape a small magnet (which I purchased from a local craft store) to the center of my forehead and find relief that way. In order for the magnets to work, though, you need to place them on the fridge or some similar metal object for them to recharge.

Diabetic-like symptoms: These are often present when one is around electrical fields and then the readings go back to normal when one moves away from the electricity. I found that having snacks, such as those mentioned in the sleep section, on hand was the best thing, to quickly bring my blood sugar up to normal. lotus pose woman wearing gem bangleOne of the consequences of sensitivity to electromagnetic fields is damage to the etheric body and I found that I could control the diabetic-like symptoms I was experiencing by working with my sixth chakra located in the area between the eyes and tending to the middle of the forehead. The action to take is to make counter-clockwise circles with your hand over this area. This seems to shut the area of the pancreas down. You may need to do this for as long 5 minutes to have a lasting effect. I am sure a kenisioligist would have good ideas on this also.

Brain Issues:

Memory Loss: I have at times suffered from memory loss, especially when I have to work on computers alot. One of the things that has helped ito restore my memory, is to take a brain supplement which is composed of different brain supportive herbs and chemicals. When they are in combination they have a synergistic effect and seem to work better. What I like to do is to take these intensively for a few weeks at a time a couple of times a year. This appears to have a good effect in restoring memory loss. Links required…Jarrow and AOR (Advanced Orthomolecular Research) have nice formulations. One of the other problems I had that is also a sign of memory loss is that my writing suffered in that I would miss letters. This was helped by writing long-hand cursive regularly, it apparently helps to sync up the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Where do you get it from..

Working with the computer: I have found that I am far less sensitive to Apple Macs than to PCs. Laptops are better than desktops. Sit as far away from the screen as you can. Very interesting.

Living Space: I have found the Stetzer filters to be extremely useful in protecting me from EMF. I use them at home, at work and whenever I travel anywhere. Obviously, urban environments are more fraught with sources of EMF. If you do live in a city you may want to consider living in a highrise. I have found that living high up means that you are above the array of EMF that is generated by the ambient field of electricity. Think about it you are above all the wiring, particularly the electrical poles. Living in a house versus an apartment is better. Living in an older house is also good, the materials used are more natural. Just having a yard to escape to is a blessing. The frequencies of nature are great way to feel rejuvenated if you are feeling buzzed. At the end of this it may be great to do a series of bullet points..

  1. herbs
  2. *living in a high rise
  3. Frequency Bangle etc

Useful Products:

(and I only list things I have found to be very helpful.)

Navaratna Bangle: One of the most useful and perhaps surprising items that I have purchased, while pricey, is what really allowed me to work long hours on the computer again while feeling like my brain was being protected from the frequencies coming off the screen. While I bought the bangle (I actually own two)also for spiritual purposes, a much appreciated side effect of wearing the bangles was how much it protected my brain and body .

After xx years of searching for solutions this bangle helped more than anything….more than any other product that I have used in general from the effects electricity. These bangles designed for Ayurvedic astrological purposes have been popularized by Yogananda Paramahansa in his classic book “The Autobiography of a Yogi”.

One of the The bangles is made from laboratory-grown colored quartz gems that are cut from actual crystal shapes The crystals are grown using the same laws of nature but being grown in a controlled environment grow perfectly: The maker told me that all spectral colors have different vibrations or electro magnetic frequencies and being in a crystal gem that touches the skin allows for a delivery of subtle yet perceptible energy. woman in lotus pose wearing gem bangleI asked Nick if this would help me with my extreme emf sensitiveity and he said that though he had dramatic results with

Clients who suffered from severe depression and a host of other conditions and that if it didn’t work I was welcome to return it within 31 days for a full money back guarantee.

He also explained that a lot of desease is merely an imbalance of subtle forms of energy and that by utilising the full chromatic approach via crystals can supplement a weakness in my energy field.

Even facetted gems from grown crystals are not cheap and his upper arm bangles have very large ones to create the shift as he said. The website I went to for this instrument was

I was so impressed with the gemtherapybangle that I also purchased another talisman from Nick via his website called www.astrogems.comNick has been doing research for the last 30 years fulltime with the use of different minerals and has pioneered the use of lab grown emeralds, and rubies along with the other 7 natural gems in this ayurvedic combination He explains that as long as the molecular structure and placement is identical in the crystal matrix they have all the properties of real gems, without the extreme cost. The field they can generate due to their hardness and clarity is so great and proves itself to be extremely protective around the aura of wearer. One of the most important features due to the way they are set is that the gems have to have a lot of continual contact with the skin,with the largest surface area of the gem shape. which is part of how they protect you. Nick explained that in order for my electrical body to be supplemented he researched the most effective ways for gems touching the skin to work and designed the bangles accordingly. They are also very attractive.

Sound Transformations: Is a CD based on psycho-acoustic technology. The sounds on this particular CD , which are somewhat unconventional and may be an acquired taste for some, are channelled from a group of beings called the Hathors. I have literally listened to my CD hundreds of times. I have found it beneficial for taking myself out of a state of sensitivity to electricity and normalizing my being. I often listen to the CD while working on the computer or while trying to fall back asleep or just to calm my brain down, by way of example. Tom Kenyon has many CD's - but this is the only one that I have found to be really effective in helping with my EMF sensitivity. Edgar Cayce who often recommended gemstones to persons he gave health readings to also very often suggested music as he explained all vibration can either heal or hurt and that certain music was very powerful.

Stetzer Filters: These filters have been brilliant in helping me to tolerate living spaces. What is great about them is their portability when you travel and are out of your home environment or at work, you can easily create a little haven for yourself as they plug so easily into electrical outlets. Weblink etc

Tesla Watch: One of the most useful items I have use is the Tesla watch - easily available on the internet (the one that I have is made by a company called Futura). While this doesn't completely knock out the effects of EMF like the quartz based bangle it certainly does a nice job of taking the edge off of them. Weblink etc.

Micro Plant Powder: This supplement is one that I use everyday. It is derived from fresh water microscopic single-cell plants that are found west of the Mississipi under zeolite beds. By taking it twice a day I notice a significant sense of relief. I liken its action in my body to buffering my blood from the effects of electricity. It is largely made up of silica, which is converted to calcium once in the body; and since the effects of EMF sensitivity tend to acidify the body, it counteracts this tendency. While I have taken straight calcium supplements in the past they don't seem to be very effective in providing relief, whereas this product really does work. Weblink etc. is a great site on ionised water that amazed me also.. Karen can answer any questions.

- Manga G


Petra Sofia Benedetti is a customer who we have sent a few clients to with exceptional results. She does a lot of healing on what I would call the quantum level.
Living in Canada in the countryside outside Ottawa. Most of her clients report deep surprise at the healing results by working with her over the phone ( 819 459 2896 ).
To promote her novel healing approach she has written a book that includes her uses on gemstones. Below is an excerpt involving research with gemstones that she has kindly allowed me to insert.
Her website is
Karen and I have been deeply deeply impressed with Petra's success stories that we have witnessed while talking with some of her amazed clients.

Nick Hodgson's Navaratnas And Meditation Bangles

From Nick Hodgson's Art Cards that my SRF friend gave me in August of 2011 at Lake Shrine I got his website info and I filled out the astrological chart data on his website to see what kind of gemstones I would need for a Navaratna in September once I was home again. A Navaratna is a nine stone gem bangle that effects or neutralizes negative planetary influences and karmic burdens.

Paramahansa Yogananda has written about the astrological gem stones and bangles in his book the "Autobiography of a Yogi". He explains that the stones must be at least two-carats or more and must be worn on the skin to be effective.

My Navaratna that Nick's office made was sent out on the 11th of November 2011. When I put it on my body I could feel a definite energy shield forming around my body. Because I don't really have major health issues I couldn't notice much else in me. But I don't take it off my body except to clean it. I like to be protected from negative influences of the planets and karmic forces that can side track me if I wouldn't wear the navaratna. We already have to deal with enough issues in life as it is.

Nick Hodgson's has many stories collected that tell about major improvements. I also ordered one Meditation bangle that he now calls the frequency bangle. It makes my energy field stronger and more protected it feels more complete. I feel I am not so exposed to everything around me. He also gave me two Meditation Bangles for other people to try out a large size and a medium size. The largest one was in the bakery because my husband had tried it on and I gave it to one employee and she had to take it off after 10 minutes of wearing it it was too strong for her! That size was good though for my husband. I thought that was interesting and it showed me how much of a force field those gemstones have. When I handed to our employee the one size smaller Meditation Bangle her shoulder pain vanished in half an hour of wearing the Meditation Bangle and the medium size felt very comfortable to her and soothing. Those Bangles have a definite effect on the wearer!

If I can make my path easier karmicly, I would be foolish if I wouldn't make that a priority in my life. I never lend my Navaratna to anyone because of this very reason.

The Meditation Bangle Has A Calming Effect On Me

To know what the Meditation Bangle did for me came a little while later when I was in the Christmas rush in our bakery and was stressed by one employee. The night before I tried to adjust the Bangle with a half size link but couldn't attach it properly and had no choice but to leave it off. I went during my late morning hours while at the bakery to the jeweler in a nearby mall to have it adjusted. I was quite tense and agitated.woman's arm unique gem bangle The Jewelry store was busy. Finally a young woman looked at the bangle and adjusted it while I was explaining to her the benefits and what this was she was holding in her hands. She had a lot of pain in her wrist from working in her job so much so that she wanted to give up her profession. I asked her to place it on her arm. After waiting only one minute she could feel energy traveling from the mediation bangle down to her wrist. She was amazed. And within a few minutes her pain in her wrist was gone. I had to leave and get back to work and when I put the Meditation Bangle on my arm again after having it off since the night before and walking the 10 minutes back to my car I realized I was no longer agitated at all by the time I reached the car! It was like I never had the agitation in the first place. The incidence showed me what the meditation bangle in my body was balancing. Now I knew what it was affecting me with! It seems to be that the Bangle balances out the most imbalanced area in people. Whatever the most sever imbalance is it seems to be addressed by wearing this Meditation Bangle. For me as I said it has a calming affect. Because of the metal prices of gold and silver it is not cheap but how often do we buy things that are not necessary and don't give us benefits. It is worth while to consider what Nick has made his passion and life's mission to be a vital part in bringing positive changes to many people that can grasp what is in front of them with the help of the Navaratnas and the Meditation Bangles. At least it is good to know now that such tools are available.

In fact I felt a little off sided and ordered another Meditation Bangle for my other arm to balance my energy field even more. I feel great with those Bangles. It is comparable with those magnetic bracelets people were and swear by them. Those color frequencies in the Meditation Bangles have the ability to affect any type of imbalance in the body and are more powerful and more versatile than magnetic bracelets. And prettier!

Using Photo Images

I used printouts from photos in November of 2011 and in my session with Danielle yesterday.

I placed the photo of the coral necklace that I took from Nick Hodgson's website and placed it on her. She had cold feet. Coral has the tendency to warm the body. It worked by laying the photo onto her body her hands warmed up in a very short time and, then her feet and in a short time her feet became sweaty and she said she never had sweaty feet in her life!!!! Good work! Nick's stuff works! She said she has a coral necklace at home and I mentioned to her that it most likely could be fake coral other wise she would have experienced what she is experiencing with this photo while wearing her necklace.

I also placed on her several photos of different Navaratnas that I checked were good for her that I pulled of from example photos on Nick's website and she felt more calm and she felt an energy field forming around her. I kept those Navaratna photos on her body during the session to shift some very old patterns; red markers (past life) and that were repeating themselves in this lifetime to support the release.

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