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Karma and Willpower

The lore of remedial gems is rooted in Vedic astrology and upheld by modern astrophysics. All celestial bodies distribute both positive (benign or friendly) and negative (malefic) radiation as they move through their cycles. These emanations affect, for good or ill, one's sensitivity to their electromagnetic rays (according to one's past karma as shown from the horoscope). The planets do not target individuals with negative karma. One's receptivity to their balanced or afflicted cosmic radiation is measured in one's Vedic horoscope, a detailed reflection of one's past good and bad karma returning in this life.

Suffering or inconvenience occur when the needed balance of planetary radiation is thwarted by malefic positioning in the horoscope. Of course the planets are physically in the same location for all people. The vedic horoscope is a reflection of our chakras' receptivity to the planetary rays and their consequent stimulating and manifesting effects. It is our past that the horoscope shows as a returning pattern in this life. Aryuvedic gems, because of their similar electromagnetic signature to specific planetary energies, can greatly enhance the chakras' receptivity to those energies. This is best done by direct skin contact that is continuous. Vedic gems are credited with lessening or eliminating a person's magnetism for lack of financial success, spiritual indifference, relationship, health and employment problems, as well as aiding one's enthusiasm to overcome disadvantageous karmic tendencies.

Few people have the understanding of how gems touching the skin may harmoniously change our radiating electromagnetism in a way that will help counteract the undesirable aspects of our karmic pattern. Many people don't stop to analyze their karmic pattern. Our karmic pattern reflects our personality, interests, character, environmental situations, and opportunity.

A common and incredibly misguided view of karma is that it is wholly what occurs to "us". This is a tragic "New Age" misunderstanding. Karma is more precisely our personal interpretation of our experiences. For example, the scriptures illustrate dramatically the different reactions people had to Christ or Krishna. Yet whether loved by Peter, betrayed by Judas, or crucified by Pilate, Jesus showered equal amounts of Divine Love upon all.

If our personality lacks sincere friendliness and a strong desire to be of service, this can be overcome by the use of intelligent will. But it is also a vibrational reflection of the sum total of one's past actions, thoughts, and environmental influences that hold our being accountable via karma. Wearing gems that touch the skin subtly or obviously affect our mind and magnetic relationship with our karmic pattern. Of course it is wiser to rely on changing oneself through the use of active self development via qualified teachers, but this important process requires effort. Correctly made gem talismans can act as a lifelong aid and stimuli to this essential path.

The following is an excerpt form Mata Amritanandamayi's book, 'Awaken, Children':

ammachi crystal healing pictureDevotee: It is said that one's horoscope cannot be changed. Is that true, Mother?

Mother: What is said in astrology is the result of the actions done in the past.

The fruit of actions can be obstructed through other actions, i.e., actions dedicated to God. A stone which is thrown upwards can be caught before it falls down. Likewise, the course of the fruit of actions (karma phala) can be changed before fructifying.

A horoscope will give way before God's Will (sankalpa). It may show in one's horoscope that he will marry. But the horoscope will change if he does spiritual practices and happens to get satsang (the company of sages) at a young age. Thus he might be able to become a sannyasin. It will certainly change, provided there is a good spiritual disposition and satsang. Self-effort also is indispensable, doing spiritual practices like worship, japa and meditation.

Words of Lord Krishna
"He who surrenders himself to the Divine, I make good his deficiencies"



So many individuals purchase astrological gems and discover they feel nothing.

This video gives a detailed explanation on why purchasing gems for Navaratna is a very tricky process in a world of enhanced gemstones. I briefly discusses some of the many pitfalls the uneducated buyer is very likely to experience. By using an example of a broken and poorly made bangle that came to astrogems to be re-built and changed into an effective bangle.. Nick goes through gem by gem explaining the mistakes his well intentioned client made..

What the Yoga Masters and Other Saints have said about the benefits of Gemstones touching the skin.

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