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SRF Members weblinks page is being built to promote networking opportunites between SRF members who may benefit from knowing what others are doing.  Wether you want a website built, a room painted or a chiropractic adjustment . You may want to consider amongst the  other qualified  members of society  the services offered on this page. If you are a practising SRF  Kriyaban please feel welcome to offer your website to this page. 

For more complete list of SRF member websites go to

Encinitas Temple Area
Los Angeles Temple Area
Phoenix Temple Area
San Diego Temple Area
San Marcos
Las Vegas Area


Encinitas Temple Area

Webmaster for
Encinitas, CA

Spiritual gifts and clothing
Encinitas, CA - Phoenix, AZ

Charles Fredericks has perfected, arguably the best ergonomic meditation cushion known to yogi's. It aids a straight spine and compensates for the bent knees and pressure points on the feet while in half or full lotus. It is truly amazing to sit comfortably for long periods in this position when one has never done so in the past . This is a highly advanced ergonomic design that often amazes the yogi. It even neatly cushions the feet during the maha mudra exercise.
Encinitas, CA

Specializing in environmental building design.
Encinitas, CA

A site that promotes the heart as a universal icon of love. Nick Hodgson sells natural stone hearts of many different colors and sizes to the wholesale market from Encinitas.
Encinitas, CA

Offers prints and paintings of Christian  portraits based in Encinitas.
Encinitas, CA

Is a  Yoga center dedicated to Kwan Yin & developing a personal relationship with the Loving Presence.  All levels, Teacher Training,   Prenatal, Mommy and Me,  and Crystal Bowl Therapy.
Encinitas, CA

San Marcos Area


First in organic culinary ingredients", including blending and flavor formulation. Serving industrial, food service and retail from San Marcos near Escondido.
San Marcos, CA
San Diego Temple Area


This is a website honoring Dr Lewis who was an accomplished yogi and devoted  householder disciple.  Within  the pages of this site are many words of wisdom between Master and Dr Lewis.
Living in Harmony

Center For Living In Harmony is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of Self-Reliant, Harmonious Living; harmony with self, with others, and with the needs of our planet. We provide many educational and charitable programs on our 10-acre sustainable agriculture demonstration site and small family farm model Little Creek Acres Farm, located just north of San Diego, California. Brenda has also organised several informal ladies retreats for SRF members at the farm.
San Diego, CA


Los Angeles Area

Bob Kluter of Houston  has compiled a great photo album site of the different  SRF / YSS ashram centers around the world.    

Started by Ken Drummond who lives at 29 Palms between Los Angeles and Encinitas  where Master used to enjoy his working retreats which is also close to the  SRF Ox Yoke retreat.
29 Plams (Los Angeles), CA
 Dennis and Kanta masters hold very well regarded   seminars and workshops at their Idyllwild retreat west of Palm Springs. 
Palm Springs, CA


Phoenix Temple Area


"Indie Rock you can dance to"
Phoenix, AZ


Las Vegas Area


 Judy and Ken Foster have pioneered the Shared Vision Network which  is dedicated to inspiring and empowering our members to grow successful integrity-based businesses and abundant, balanced lives.

Member activities include training from nationally recognized speakers, authors, and business educators, dynamic networking events at local chapters, business educational workshops, tele-training, on-line business community, internet discussion groups, fundraising for local and national charities, social events, business coaching, internet community mall, and an internet-based business skills resource center geared to help you improve in your professional and personal life. 
Las Vegas, NV


Spiritual Dairy 
Quotes  emailed
to you daily!

For several years Dale Jones has been emailing to his "Spiritual Dairy List" those that wish to receive the quote for the day. This is a great service is for those  busy emailers who want the option of  tuning into the the words of Master and the  other great ones  from the SRF spiritual dairy. To sign onto this free service just email your request to [email protected]
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If you would like to help others by offering our Free 16 page Vedic horoscope to be emailed to your website visitors we are happy to help you to put it up on your website. Please feel most welcome to contact us
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