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Due to the high prices of natural Rubies, recently we have been selling more lab grown Rubies to give our clients the best quality and astrological benefit at a more reasonable cost. Lab grown gems are grown very slowly as crystals in a controlled environment that closely mimics Mother Nature. Lab grown gems are completely different from synthetics which are generally a chemical melt mix and do not have a crystalline structure at the nano molecular level. For more definitive information on this please watch our documentary video about Lab Grown Crystals.

 The prices shown with some of these images are over ten years old and no longer accurately reflect the rising prices  astrogems is obliged to offer.

Cut Rubies



Gem to the left is a natural ruby




The Pink Sapphire is a padparadsha

Uncut Rubies









Buyer Beware.... when buying rubies. 99.9% of them have been superfried at very high temperatures. Disolving the essentila molecular crystal lattice so important for ayurvedic gemstone vibration and electro magnetic radiation. it is essential you buy from a well traveled gem dealer who keeps up with the latest market treatments and how to detect them. So many gem dealers do not care to demand and investigate thouroughly a a gemstones history and are not certified or qualified to identify the color enhancing treatments.

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Astrogems can make Ruby Rings and other types of astrological rings in any style. Click on any image below to view our Astrological Rings page or contact us for more details.

Astrogems can make custom ayurvedic Ruby rings.
Astrogems can make custom planetary Ruby rings.
Astrogems can make custom astrological Ruby rings.
Samples of laboratory grown emerald, blue sapphire and ruby.
Comparison of laboratory grown crystals to synthetic crystals. Laboratory grown crystals have a geometric pattern whereas synthetic do not.
Comparison of natural crystals with laboratory grown crystals. Laboratory grown crystals are created slowly like in nature, they are much clearer, and are much less expensive than natural crystals.

Photos of Other Gems

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