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Chrysoberyl Catseye Photos

Many different mineral gemstones when cut in the domed cabochon shape can produce cat’s eye gems, but when the single term “cat’s eye” is used alone it always refers to the most highly regarded cat's eye gemstone of all, being the chrysoberyl cat's eye . Chatoyant chrysoberyls are cut into cabochons to best display their spectacular eyes. However, not all chrysoberyls show this chatoyant effect. Because of its hardness and thus durability, ordinary and much more common transparent to translucent chrysoberyls without a cat’s eye can make appealing faceted stones. But they have no historical association with representing the radiating waveforms from the invisible energy field of Ketu.

With indistinct cleavage and a hardness of 8.5, it's one of the toughest stones for jewelry purposes. In general, often being worn in astrological rings on the middle finger of the right hand . The bright yellow and yellow-green shades are the most desirable colors, but some of the browns are also striking but often less expensive.













Cat's eye chrysoberyl is also known as cymophane. That name comes from a Greek word meaning "appearing like a wave," alluding to the opalescent, hazy appearance of the surface of some cat's eye crystals. However, the eye of a chatoyant chrysoberyl can be the sharpest of any cat's eye gemstone except the sillimanite cat's eye, which it can visually match. Fine silk inclusions create the cat's eye effect in chrysoberyls. However, seeing these fibers requires a microscope. In recent years a massive wave of Sillimanite Cat's Eyes from South India have appeared even at trade shows mistakenly selling for expensive chrysoberyl cat's eyes. While looking identical they don't quite have the same specific gravity but are considered a viable second much less expensive secondary astrological gemstone.Many sillimanite cat's eye's are sold online as Chrysoberyl Cat's which is why it's good to purchase from a gemologist or a company that vets all there gems by a certified gemologist.

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I often visit different gem mining areas around the world that offer the best prices for natural unenhanced ayurvedic astrological gemstones. This video discusses some of the procedures hunting for the the appropriate gem crystals while in Sri Lanka.


Astrogems can make Chrysoberyl Catseye Rings and other types of astrological rings in any style. Click on any image below to view our Astrological Rings page or contact us for more details.

Astrogems can make astrological Chrysoberyl Catseye rings in any style.

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Chrysoberyl Cat's Eyes are amongst the most precious gemstones. Yet so rare in good size and fine quality that as a gemstone investment, very few other gems can compare. In this age of extraordinary laboratory grown crystal imitations the Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye stands out as a gem that has not been duplicated by clever crystal growing technology.

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