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Vedic Astrology is the original astrology that travelled down the ages into Europe as it mutated into what is western astrology today. Unlike the western version, vedic astrology was created by sages of realization who had a keen interest in being able to lessen the suffering of those who had the deeply intuitive insight to use it and it's many methods for mitigating or nullifying negative karma.
Great sages like Patanjali advised “The pain that is to come can and should be avoided.”
Paramahansa Yogananda as well as his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar both wore nine gem astrological bangles and wrote in “Autobiography of a Yogi”

This problem received attention from our rishis; they found helpful not only a combination of metals, but also of plants and - most effective of all - faultless jewels of not less than two carats. The preventive uses of astrology have seldom been seriously studied outside of India. One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin.'

Yogananda also wrote : “What is to be does not necessarily have to be.”

Consequently we set the ayurvedic astrological gems with the widest gemstone surface area touching the skin in an area as close to the chakras as possible. We have been researching this science for over 34 years and have developed and refined how we make the astrological bangles to reflect the time proven evidence of testimonial feedback from over 3000 customized astrological nine gem bangle clients.

Sometimes Vedic astrologers have given astrology a questionable reputation, especially when their predictive skills convey a fatalistic “not much you can do” approach. At Astrogems we don’t believe any negative Karma has to manifest unless your efforts and instruments of mitigation are not there.

Our nine gem astrological bangles with pure astrological metals are designed to last much longer than one lifetime, and should continue mitigating or nullifying the negative karma, as well as boosting the positive karma, for multiple generations of wearers with the same bangle. Many customers completely forget to look past their own incarnation. But we like to draw your attention to the fact that, as a dharmic investment, it is not just for you but also for others who are destined to wear the bangle, an opportunity which allows you to have the karmic return of similar benefit in another incarnation. We believe in the big picture that such an investment is not a selfish purchase but an exceptionally judicious one, and that the world deeply needs the positive ripple effect of many more well made amulets of karmic mitigation.

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