Essential Information On Why We Should
Avoid Exposure To Eclipses.

Twenty years ago while staying at Hidden Valley Ashram near Escondido, I remembered Brother Achalanda telling the residents that Master (Paramahansa Yogananda) indicated it was not a good idea to go out in an eclipse and especially not a good idea to look at an eclipse.

He explained that this was not because it was dangerous on the retina to look at a partially obscured Sun but for much deeper vibratory planetary reasons.

Brother explained that once during an eclipse he asked the employees at the publications center to come back inside as this was what Master would have recommended.

A short while ago I spoke with a client of Astrogems who was purchasing a nine-gem astrological bangle and he told me a profound story regarding a total solar eclipse. He had decided to travel with friends down to Ayers Rock in the center of Australia to photograph and record the profound event.

He stood out in the outback with a full vision of the sky and the developing full solar eclipse. He said he would certainly never do it again and deeply regrets having gone on this expedition. Almost immediately, the following unusual year was one of enormous loss and difficulty on several levels and a large part of him was deeply suspicious that it had lot to do with this powerful event.

Eclipses occur in three types. A total lunar eclipse is when the Moon entirely passes through the earth's dark shadow or umbra, which means "shaded area." (Our word "umbrella" comes from the Latin root, "umbra"). Then there is the total solar eclipse when the moon blocks out the Suns direct light. And then there are the partial varieties of these two.

The Indian rishis explained that the energy field is so strong when there is an absence of lunar or solar electromagnetic radiation that these ecliptic areas of space become unique fields of electromagnetic radiation in themselves and affect man’s duality of Consciousness as any other planet can. Because of this they are called shadowy invisible planets with the names of Rahu for the ascending node of the Moon and Ketu for the descending node the Moon.

Often we need wisdom from several authorities on an unusual subject to shift our paradigm and integrate it into practical advice. Tomiko Fischer is a gifted Vedic astrologer who has travelled extensively and volunteered her refined astrological services while on tour with a great saint called Ammachie . We were discussing eclipses and she very generously offered to share her experiences in writing with the Holy Mother and her recollections of what Mother has said about eclipses.

When I lived at the South India ashram of my teacher Amma, in August 1999 there was a total solar eclipse that passed through parts of Asia. While not fully visible in South India, the eclipse still created a shadowy, dirty reddish sky and heavy, foreboding atmosphere. Amma was very clear that the ashram residents were to be especially vigilant to avoid being affected by the eclipse’s inauspicious influence. She instructed us to stay inside and chant mantras as a group such as the protective Mahamritunjaya mantra, to not cook food and to fast if possible. If any food was sitting around, it was to be kept covered. One of Amma’s pujaris (priests) performed a homa or traditional Vedic fire sacrifice meant specifically to mitigate the eclipse’s negative effects.

Amma is a true Master who has transcended a need for astrology, yet for those of us who are still under the sway of the planets she recognizes that astrology and astrological remedies (upayas) are valuable for helping us adjust our actions and awareness to accommodate larger universal energies. This July and August will be a summer of two lunar eclipses and one very powerful solar eclipse.

Please be informed of their dates below:

Sunday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 7: July 6th marks Guru Poornma, the yearly Full Moon traditionally held sacred for honoring one’s spiritual teacher, the compassionate guide who leads one from the unreal to the Real. On this Full Moon the first of three summer eclipses occurs in the very early morning of July 7th at 2:39 A.M. PDT. This penumbral (creating partial shadow) eclipse won’t be visible to the naked eye but it still gives astrological effects. Eclipse days are considered excellent for fueling transformational insights but are especially unlucky for practical ventures and worldly success. Heading into the eclipse, July 5th may be strangely chaotic as several intense influences such as the harsh star Moola Nakshatra converge on this day.

Monday, July 20 - Tuesday, July 21: Total solar eclipse occurs on July 21stat 5:53 P.M. PDT. This is a powerful eclipse! With a totality of over 6 minutes, the Sun will be obscured for the longest length of time during any eclipse this century. Starting on the West coast of India and making a path through South East Asia to China, this phenomenon portends potential difficulties for these areas of the world, believed to manifest within 6 months’ time. Heading into this eclipse, July 20th’s very severe star Ardra Nakshatra along with several other difficult combinations makes July 20th-21st one of the most unsettled periods this summer. It is an excellent time for meditation, fasting, attending kirtans, healing retreats and deep introspection but a time to use extra care when driving, operating heavy machinery or using a barbeque grill. Three days on either side of an eclipse are considered especially unlucky for important new beginnings such as marriage, starting a business, and other important actions.

Wednesday, August 5: A penumbral (creating partial shadow) lunar eclipse occurs at 5:39 P.M. PDT. This shadowy influence may not be visible to the naked eye, but it still gives astrological effects. Occurring in sidereal Capricorn in the star of Shravana Nakshatra, this star symbolized as an ear has strong connotations of heightened listening skills and a love of classical learning. For those about to go back to school this eclipse may bring concern or changes around one’s planned course of study. The three days on either side of this eclipse is a time to hold off on important beginnings both personally and professionally.

After reading this if you find it of interest and relevance, please advise others that it is not propitious, to say the least, to expose oneself to the vibratory effects of an eclipse .It is best to stay inside if possible, as to be outside is to amplify the effects on one’s electrical body.

Another tool to partially protect oneself from the severity of such an event is to wear a talisman that has the appropriate ayurvedic astrological gemstones that radiate and supplement the similar harmonic frequencies emitted by the planets. To discover more on this subject and to discover which gems are the best for you; fill out the free vedic horoscope and planetary gem analysis for your karmic pattern at :

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